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Tabamex Reviews

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Tabamex Toro
Great great cigar! Slow burning. The taste is like a honey walnut flavor. recommend this cigar. and its so cheap to!
chris in ohio April 30, 2013
Tabamex Lonsdale
"Never judge a cigar by its wrapper."
I've heard a lot of the trash talking when it comes to Mexican cigars, so to get to the bottom of it all I ordered some. When I first looked at the cigar it looked rolled by an amateur. The colour was very inconsistent, and the cigar looked to have knots in it. The cigar was actually kind of lumpy. Then I actually lit the cigar up and all the lies and trash talking went up in smoke. From the first draw I was hooked. The cigar looked ugly, but it tasted damn fine. Nice, medium, smooth, with a little pepper here and there. Haters can hate, but this is one fine cigar that will find a home in my humidor.
jboulet in frisco, tx October 10, 2012
Tabamex Toro
"Love it or Hate it"
To me this cigar tastes like medicine. It is kind of like what menthol does to a cigarette. Some people like Tabamex; but it is like the same as people who like menthol cigarettes. I never got past half way on any of these cigars and will never buy again at any price. Burn is very good.
Nightjoe in ID April 28, 2012
Tabamex Toro
Flavorful yet mild, they deliver a quality smoking experience to the last inch.
Michael Kandrac in Grand Prairie, TX December 17, 2011
Tabamex Presidente
Overall very dissapointing...the burn was fine but that's about it...the wrapper and overall cigar was poorly constructed and the flavor was terrible. Half-way through the tar started to gather and i ditched it.
Pat in Chicago December 12, 2011
Tabamex Churchill
"Worst cigar I've ever lit"
This is the worst cigar I've ever lit. There is a weird taste to it...hard to describe, but does not taste like any other cigar I've ever had. I don't understand why they sell at this price. I'd might pay .50cents for a pack of 25, but no more than that and I'd never purchase them again for the ridiculous price they sell for. Roll some dirt with a mape leaf, it would be better. The others who provided positive feedback must be the sellers of this awful cigar.
RW in Florida December 10, 2011
Tabamex Presidente
"excellent smoke"
really nice smoke for the money. Very consistent throughout bundle (a rare feature in less expensive cigars). Burns a bit fast (40 min) for a cigar this big but it burns smooth and cool with generous cloud to satisfy your olfactory with a rich but not strong aroma. Any stooge can buy a fine cigar at $5-10 each, finding one at under $2 is a nice surprise.
Robert H in Englewood Fl. December 2, 2011
Tabamex Presidente
"good smoke"
price keeps going up. time to find another smoke..the more yu buy the higher the price goes.
terry s in marathon, fl November 24, 2011
Tabamex Toro
"Very Satisfying"
I was skeptical at first. Got this in the famous sampler. Very pleasantly surprised. Nice burn, great draw and satisfying flavor. I will buy more of these for an everyday type of smoke.
Luke K in Tampa November 17, 2011
Tabamex Robusto
"pleasant surprise"
Got this in a bundle deal and wasn't sure what to expect out of a Mexican cigar with band art fit for a circus, but I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know that I would call it mild as others have, but it definitely develops a bit of a kick toward the end. Great smoke through and through. I can't wait for the next one to grace my lips.
Dewayne in Arkansas October 27, 2011
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