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Tabamex Robusto
"Back to basics..."
I got a few of these in a sampler - an intersting cigar - comic book band, funny name, coarse looking wrapper. The pre-light draw is 'free' and the fragrance is nice. I found the first half of the cigar nice and mild with a pleasant flavour, the last half started to bite. Oh yeah, the smoke plume was like a cummins diesel - nice to see. I'll try this again.
Joe in Ottawa Canada October 24, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
I got this in a 20 for 20 deal and I have to say its actually one of the few I have enjoyed from that "deal". Its a $1 stick that has a nice fresh tobacco and earthiness to it. If you're looking for something to just sit back and relax or smoke while on a long drive without breaking bank I would highly suggest this. Makes a pretty decent flavoring media as well. Pop these in an air tight container with your Spirit of choice and let em sit for a few weeks and then try it out. For this I would suggest a good scotch.
Ian in Columbus October 7, 2011
Tabamex Toro
Awesome cigar for the price. Average one of these a day. Good draw, even burn on every one I've smoked, loads of smoke, flavorful, etc..... Do yourself a favor and get a couple bundles of these.
Carey in Rogers Ar October 7, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"Not bad for the price."
Once you get past the corny name and the ugly wrap this is actually a surprisingly good cheap stick. The wrap on mine had inconsistent coloring and several small holes toward the bottom of the cigar. The roll was a little soft, but not too bad. This stick burned surprisingly straight even after a bad light on my part and lasted for about 35 minutes even at a faster paced smoke than normal. The draw was easy, but not too light, providing plenty of medium bodied smoke. The flavor was predominately an earthy, natural tobacco flavor, with a peppery spiciness coming in for the last third. There was a slight bitterness at the end, but nothing too terrible. I have a feeling that letting these age for a little while in the humidor would mellow them out well. Overall, since I got this as part of the "Famous 20 under $20" sampler, there is NO way I could complain about it. It's no premium stick, but I've had worse smokes that cost significantly more.
Josh in Arkansas September 30, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"Dont let the price fool you."
This is a pretty good Cigar its cheap. But it was a very good smoke loved it pretty strong i the wrapper was good!! Its was rolled very good,I mite just buy a box of these to hand out to friends to try!
Chris in Florida September 26, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"Not bad"
This is not a bad cigar but not a really good one either. Average. I agree with the reviewer who said this is a good cigar to smoke while mowing the lawn. It was put together OK and held together fine and burned fine. The taste though was just sort of bland. For some reason all Mexican cigars to me taste that way - just sort of blah. Not awful by any stretch, just nothing to write home about.
Phil in Washington, DC September 21, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"Not so good"
Poor construction - spongy. Burned unevenly. Strong unpleasent taste. Uneven appearance of wrapper.
Jeffrey B in USA September 5, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
got mine in a sampler...good taste, fair burn, easy draw. will look forward to more.
mark H August 29, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"right on"
The description and reviews were very accurate except for the one comment of being hard rolled... in my case... but I have only had one.
Mark H in Tyler, TX August 17, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"Good flavor, pleasantly surprised"
Mexican cigars get a bad rep from cigar snobs..err..I mean aficianados. But if this one - my first Mexican cigar - is indicative of what they are like then I have no idea why. I really enjoyed it. It has an earthy, cocoa flavor, kind of reminds me of the Quintero (non-cuban) maduro cigars. I would definately smoke these again. So far it is my favorite in the "20 under 20" Sampler.
Dave C. in SC August 5, 2011
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