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Tabamex Rothschild
"I'll Pass..."
Didn't really care for this stick. I received it as part of a sampler and it isn't a cigar that is going to find a home in the humi. The wrapper is pretty rustic looking but has a great color, flavor and oiliness to it. The construction is so-so. The draw is decent to pretty good. Lastly, the filler isn't bad just a tab bit light on complexity but with some interesting spicy notes throughout. Definitely not a bad smoke for the price but not a cigar that I hope to encounter again.
SONOFGOD in Michigan August 4, 2011
Tabamex Churchill
"very good deal"
good smoke for the money smoke them alot
john reeder in bixby ok July 24, 2011
Tabamex Toro
"The greatest yet"
I'm new to smoking hand made cigars and have tried different sampler bundles looking for what I wanted. I found it in the Tabamex Toro Maduro wrapper.I know everyones palate is different.I think it starts out with a "woodsy" aroma and tastes like a bitter/sweet cup of coffee. At the end is a nice "peppery" taste. I smoked it until it burned my lips.Thanks for a fine product.Also thanks to your staff who are always kind and helpful. VIVA TABIMEX TORO!!!
Chuck Sr in Wisconsin July 14, 2011
Tabamex Toro
"Tabamex Toros taste"
I'm new to smoking hand made cigars and have tried several "bundle" specials to see what's good.I found it in Tabamex Toros. I know everyone's palate is different. To me from the beginning it was like drinking a beautiful bitter/sweet cup of coffee. The smell to me is of a "woodsy" aroma.At the end was a nice peppery taste. I smoked it until I burned my lips. Thanks for such a fine product that I will continue to buy. Oh yes,and thanks to your staff who are always friendly and kind
Chuck Sr in Wisconsin July 14, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"I wanted to hate this cigar"
The wrapper had an ugly finish (not smooth and oily like one would expect from a maduro). I didnt even want to put it in my humi, I was fearful it would somehow lessen my other cigars. I took it outside, lit up, and was mentally prepared to throw it away after 3 puffs. I nubbed that bitch. I was sad when it got so short it was starting to burn my fingers. Except for the finish on the wrapper, it was a remarkably well made cigar, no large veins in the wrapper, smooth even burn, well packed, and a distinct flavor change in each 3rd section. the finaly 2 inches were the best, almost comparable to a menthol it was so tingly and spicey on my palate. I would buy these, just to cut them in half, and smoke the final 2 inches. WOW. Definitely buying again. (I got it in the 20 for 20 sampler)
Rick in Indiana June 21, 2011
Tabamex Rothschild
"My new favorite bundle"
I love the maduro's. They are a nice lil' smoke with good flavor. I WILL be buying more of these.
Josh in Winter Springs, Fl May 16, 2011
Tabamex Toro
Probably the best cigar for this price I've had the pleasure to smoke in a while. Spicy, great draw, well constructed. Should only get better in the humi.
mikefitz in Houston May 7, 2011
Tabamex Presidente
"Good, but inconsistent"
These cigars are good, but lack consistency. While one will be very good as far as taste and draw, the next will not. It is a pretty good deal for what you get, but I'm not sure if I will buy them again, or not.
crimedog in Orlando January 9, 2011
Tabamex Toro
"Very good, all consistently great!"
Great smoke! Very good taste, burn, and draw. All very consistent and even, no unforeseen problem areas. Will definetly purchase again.
Dan in Los Angeles October 15, 2010
Tabamex Rothschild
"thank god they taste better than they smell"
I must say the batch I received smelled terrible. A "wet dark chocolate cow pie" is about as close a approximation to the smell that I can give. Surprisingly, the taste is ok; milder than I anticipated with a slight earthy aftertaste. The burn / draw / consistency is good for a cheap cigar, but they occasionally burn hot. The smoke output is gray, feeble and harsh to the nose. Don't smoke these in grandma's house; puttering around the outdoors with these is the way to go. These are a great $1 special, but there are better options at $2.
JD in St Paul, MN September 23, 2010
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