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"Works Great"
I bought this lighter thru the auction and picked it up a few days ago. From the short time I've had it it seems to be working great and I would recommend getting one.
HDbiker in PA April 12, 2011
"I'm liking it so far"
I got one about 2 weeks ago and it's been working fine for me so far. I really like the way it can roast n toast the foot.Theres only one issue I have with it, It's too big to fit into my pants pocket so I have to leave it @ home
Tse'Nagi in Oneida Nation Wi. April 2, 2011
"Stops Working - Don't Buy"
I had ordered one and it stopped working within the first 4 weeks, FAMOUS was great about replacing, but then the replacement stopped working. Stay away. FAMOUS Customer Svc was great thought!
Gordon in Scottsdale, AZ November 17, 2010
"Great Lighter"
Discovered this lighter at a Cigar Bar recently and had to get one for my home. No regrets.
Stogiemaster in Ohio June 14, 2010
"works okay fro a short time"
Lighter worked fine for 5 months, however now the spark thats lites the lighter works half the time.
steven in peoria, az June 5, 2010
"Stop Working"
I purchased this lighter about one month ago and suddenly it stopped working. The flint no longer works. Worked great till then. Very disappointed
Gordon in Arizona June 4, 2010
"best purchase ever"
This lighter is awesome. I have a lighter that works and is TOO big to lose.
Rocco in Fallsington, PA July 10, 2009
"Lighter of all Lighters"
Excellent and well made fire. The filler hole is a bit or a job to work with when filling, but well worth it. I enjoy mine. Well worth the money. I have had many lighters for my home humidor setup and this one takes the prize.
K Doty in Tulsa April 30, 2009
"Great Lighter! Filling nozzle hard to fit, though"
I love this lighter. It works well, but I have a problem finding refills that fit the oversize nozzle.
Ralph in Visalia, CA January 15, 2009
"Finally, a lighter that works!"
This lighter actually works! Imagine that! This is the best lighter I have ever owned. The ignition always works. That's a new concept for butane "torch" lighters. I'm not sure how they did it, but I would recommend this lighter to anyone that wants an infinitely controllable gas valve. The way the lighter is configured, it's very comfortable and very effective for cigar aficiandos. I consistently get an even burn after toasting the foot. Get this.
Steven in West Palm Beach December 31, 2008