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"Need a Lite? None Better!"
The Big Beautiful Flame is Awesome! Every man cave should have one.
Larry Stacy in Ankeny Iowa June 12, 2013
This lighter is badass! Lights any cigar you put in its way with ease. Looks great and honestly a lot of fun to have! If you are looking for a solid lighter that wont let you down this would be a great one to buy.
Andrew in Pennsylvania March 1, 2013
"Great lighter"
Got my lighter and tried it out and it works great
in March 3, 2012
"Igniter failure, but still great!"
I've had mine for a couple of years now. The igniter failed within the few couple of months and they offered to replace it, but I've just learned to light it with another lighter and then enjoy the great toasty flame it puts out. Even without the igniter, this beats my other non-working torches!
Steve G in Illinois February 19, 2012
"Best lighter ever."
I have several of these lighters and used them all over the past 5 - 6 years. The always work, variable flame, and large butane reservoir. Left them out in the rain but they continue to work without any problems. Only lighter I would ever buy.
Rick in Missouri February 1, 2012
"Great for toasting"
Big flame, great for toasting the foot. Has worked very well for the first 3 weeks, even at 9100 feet elevation. Many lighters have problems the higher I go. Good fuel economy too.
Gary in Colorado Springs January 27, 2012
"Don't waste your money"
The lighter worked for about a week, and while it worked I loved it. Then the ignition started working only every third time, and a week later it stopped working all together.
Bruno in January 24, 2012
Works flawlessly. Highly recommend this lighter, much prefer this over a three or four flame torch.
in October 28, 2011
"Koughers Love it!!!!"
Our cigar club the Kandahar Koughers Loves this table top lighter. We have filled it twice in last 3 weeks. After the first fill we lit roughly 120 sticks, and the second fill is closely approaching that mark also.
JASON F in Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan October 18, 2011
"Good concept, poor execution"
The lighter never worked properly. There were ignition problems right from the get-go. Then after a handful of lights, the ignition system completely failed.
gramercy in manhattan April 20, 2011