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Tatiana Reviews

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Tatiana La Vita Vanilla
"Great cigar"
I ve been smoking them for the past few yeas and they are always the same, great cigar.
Craig July 17, 2014
Tatiana Waking Dream Petites (10)
"Good if you want a mild/sweet type of smoke."
I m a big fan of Tatiana s flavored cigars, especially the Trio series. I will admit, though, I think Waking Dream is probably the weakest of the series. The tobacco is good quality, like most Tatiana product, but it doesn t quite pair well, in my taste, with the sweet/liquor style combination going on here. Night Cap and Groovy Blue seem to have hit the mark in terms of flavors, but these seem to have enough of a different character to them to make them not as consistent as most Tatiana flavors. this is not to say they are bad though. The light whiskey infusion makes the cigar pair well with a bit of actual whiskey or bourbon, but it will probably turn off people who don t like sweeter smokes.
Dan June 18, 2014
Tatiana Night Cap Petites (10)
"Great coffee infused smoke."
These have a nice coffee/cocoa infusion to them that is very obvious maybe too sweet for some smokers , but makes for a really great, occasional smoke when you want some flavored cigars. They have a great character that is almost reminiscent of good pipe tobacco or something. Been smoking the Tatiana flavors for years and I think they re probably the best flavored cigars on the market sorry, CAO but these are by far my favorite. I just wish it were easier to find the corona sized ones in smaller batches than having to buy a whole case.
Dan June 4, 2014
Tatiana Classic Vanilla
"Great cigar"
Looking for a great flavored cigar and I found it.
Ron in Home February 27, 2014
Tatiana Classic Rum
"Best Cigar I've Ever Smoked With a Pleasant Aroma."
I have tried many cigars over the years but began smoking Tatiana Rum flavored cigars over 2 years ago and have not purchased any other brand since.
Carlos Miranda in Surprise, AZ February 24, 2014
Tatiana Miniature Chocolate
"Excellent smoke"
This is a wonderfully flavored mini. great burn and flavor. Just wish they were slightly larger.
Morgan in NC October 26, 2013
Tatiana Dolce Tropical
"pleasant smoke"
I'm a noob when it comes to cigars, but I enjoy this stick. I guess it's a little hot to start, but half way it's nice. I like it. The tropical is not over done. If you like other Tatiana's of this size it's worth a try.
m.winter in Hawaii October 6, 2013
Tatiana Classic Rum
"Best Cigar I've Ever Smoked!"
Best cigar ever?! Can't wait to try vanilla and cinnamon!
merle Barnett in spruce pine,NC September 20, 2013
Tatiana Classic Honey
"Good Smoke for the Money"
Great flavor, perfect size for an afternoon smoke. Big drawback is that construction is lacking. I've tried a half dozen, all from different boxes and more often than not, I've found they're too loosely wrapped and tend to come apart. Too many other good tasting, well made brands on the market for less money for these to be a mainstay.
Don G. in Las vegas September 19, 2013
Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue
"Very Good to an Extent"
These are good, good but not great cigars..... Prelight smells amazing... The first and second thirds of this are fantastic. Gets down to the third-third, it gets very harsh and the flavors become nearly undetectable. BUT it's a long cigar, so there is a lot of tasty smoke to be had. Moontrance still beats it, but I like these a lot and will probably keep a few on hand at all times.
Name in Location September 5, 2013
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