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Tatiana Reviews

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Tatiana Groovy Blue Small (10)
"Tatiana Cigars"
These are the best cigars I have ever had. Good for a quick cigar fix and they taste and smell great. I highly recommend this cigar.
nick in illinois September 2, 2013
Tatiana Vanilla (10)
"excellent,...vanilla flavor"
I love it... Vainilla flavor!!! Over 9 years choosing the same one and no regrets!!!
natalia in levittown,pA August 25, 2013
Tatiana Classic Honey
"Great Taste"
Great tasting cigar for the money. Good Draw and burns even. Although could use a little bit more of the honey flavor.
Roy Rosales in Duarte, CA July 21, 2013
Tatiana Vanilla (10)
"Great But Small and Fast"
This is a great tasting cigar with a wonderful aroma. I just thought it was loosely packed and quite small. Great for a 5-minute smoke. Next order will need to be a larger size.
Jim in South Dakota July 14, 2013
Tatiana Vanilla Classic Tube
"Great Smoke"
Tatiana Vanilla Classic Tube is a great smoke. The draw is smooth and you get a mouth full of smoke. Even burn and stays lit. A fun smoke. I'm a novice, but this is a great smoke. My favorite so far.
Art in Los Angeles July 12, 2013
Tatiana Classic Waking Dream
"Good but not great"
It was a good smoke but it was a let down from the Groovy Blue which was freakin' great. The wrapper seemed to fall apart on me and the flavor just wasn't up to par to what it could have been, and a bit of a harsh ending from what I am used to with Tatiana. Too mild of a flavor, but even that said, it was still pretty good.
Austin in Manchester, MD July 1, 2013
Tatiana Classic Vanilla
"Lost taste test"
I did a taste test with all the Vanilla Cigars. These taste more like coconut.
JDV in Virginia June 4, 2013
Tatiana Classic Vanilla
"Not Bad"
I would recommend buying a couple of these to try instead of the whole box. The vanilla taste was way stronger than I expected it to be. It does smell great, though. No complaints, a good smoke, but only for once in a while.
Julian Cienfuegos in Colombia May 20, 2013
Tatiana Cherry (10)
A tin of 10 of this cigarillos isn't really worth the price. They only very subtly taste of cherry (they more smell like it than taste like it... and the scent is quite artificial), and they are difficult to open individually without a pair of scissors or a lot of tediousness. They are short smokes, although they burn hot, somewhat unevenly and get bitter into the second half. Their construction is OK, although the texture and consistency of the cigars is fairly loose. They are all fairly consistent, have an easy draw and an alright appearance.
Ryan in United States April 21, 2013
Tatiana Classic Cherry
"Very good stick"
After two boxes, this flavored cigar has been consistently smooth with a great taste and aroma. Burns very evenly and has a nice easy drag. A must for all that enjoy a smooth flavorful smoke.
Joe in NYC March 10, 2013
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