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Tatiana Reviews

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Tatiana Classic Waking Dream
"Excellent Quality!!"
This cigar is a smooth smoker with excellent flavor! It's an excellent after dinner cigar or with a glass of good red wine cigar. Everyone of my friends who have tried it love it!
Ed B. in Tracy,Ca. February 21, 2013
Tatiana Classic Waking Dream
"Excellent cigar!"
I was very impressed with this cigar. A mild smooth smoke, Slightly sweet, well balanced, and the three flavors compliment each other nicely. Good construction with a nice even burn. BUY THIS CIGAR YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
Chris in New York February 16, 2013
Tatiana Waking Dream small (10)
"Great taste, too small a package."
I am a big fan of the Tatiana Waking dream cigar. Last time I ordered I mistakenly ordered the small size instead of the petites I usually smoke. I gave them a try then immediately sent the remainder back. The smalls are exactly that, it is too quick a smoke in too delicate a package.
John in Connecticut February 15, 2013
Tatiana Classic Vanilla
""best taste cigar""
good tasting cigar goes great with my E&J V.O. AND COKE i chill outside for 30 40 min great flavor slow burning i like.
seydel in arlinton tx February 14, 2013
Tatiana Classic Chocolate
Nice chocolate taste that stays on your lips with every pull of the cigar!! This chocolate flavor cigar I HIGHLY recommend!!! Its part of my Tatiana's collections! Way to GO!!!!
Raul Rodriguez Jr in New York City February 3, 2013
Tatiana La Vita Vanilla
"Enjoyed mucho! Bought a box."
Wanted to try these. Did try and enjoyed. Just purchased a box.
Craig in Colusa, CA January 7, 2013
Tatiana Classic Cherry
"Cherry!! NICE!!!"
This Cherry cigar is so wonderful that I had to order box for myself. It burns good and smells good too! I recommend this. Thanks Tatiana!!
Raul in New York City January 1, 2013
Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue
As soon as I opened my cigars I smelled the berry aroma and I must say it smelled good!!! When I smoked it that was even pleasurable. Way to go Tatiana! I like this!!
Raul in New York City January 1, 2013
Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue
Wonderful good smoking cigars
gilford in 2105 appling street December 30, 2012
Tatiana Classic Groovy Blue
"groovy is cool to me"
i have just now begun smoking cigars and surly thank u for the Groovy Blue selection- i am now your regular and consisten customer. Also, have tried other brands and they smoke and burn well, again thank u dc
dirty dan in texas December 18, 2012
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