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Tatiana Classic Waking Dream Reviews [view details]

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Very bitter smoke. Those left I will put in the yard waste bin.
Al in Michigan October 14, 2014
"Good but not great"
It was a good smoke but it was a let down from the Groovy Blue which was freakin' great. The wrapper seemed to fall apart on me and the flavor just wasn't up to par to what it could have been, and a bit of a harsh ending from what I am used to with Tatiana. Too mild of a flavor, but even that said, it was still pretty good.
Austin in Manchester, MD July 1, 2013
"Excellent Quality!!"
This cigar is a smooth smoker with excellent flavor! It's an excellent after dinner cigar or with a glass of good red wine cigar. Everyone of my friends who have tried it love it!
Ed B. in Tracy,Ca. February 21, 2013
"Excellent cigar!"
I was very impressed with this cigar. A mild smooth smoke, Slightly sweet, well balanced, and the three flavors compliment each other nicely. Good construction with a nice even burn. BUY THIS CIGAR YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
Chris in New York February 16, 2013
"Great Flavor"
One of my top 5 favorites! Great aroma, nice mellow creamy flavor with no harsh aftertaste. Had to wait over a month due to back order, but worth the wait. Great cigar all the way down to the nub. Highly recommended!
Dan in Columbus, Oh December 17, 2012
"Great Smoke!"
Right out of the wrapper, these things have a very pleasant aroma; they smell just like Count Chocula cereal. This stick burns well. It tastes great; very sweet and smooth. They're built very well and are an absolute treat all around. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great anytime smoke.
Brandon in Middleport, NY April 7, 2012
"Love them!!!"
I just signed out of my account!!! What was I doing on my account??? Buying my third box of "Waking Dream's" in less then two month's!!! Is there anything else that needs to be said??? Buy them!!! you'll love them!!!
Rock'A'Billy Dave in Detroit, MI September 19, 2011
"I was pleasantly surprised"
I was not expecting too much from this smoke, but I must admit it was quite nice.I have had other cigars with whiskey infusion and I was not impressed..until now.This is a smooth smoke that burned evenly with a great aroma and a super taste.I will get a few more to keep in the humi.I would reccomend this to anyone,but especially to beginners or those who like a nice mild smoke.
Jim in Lewistown,Pa August 30, 2010
"Tatiana's BEST, Smooth w/ Great Taste"
Having tried most all of the Tatiana lines, Waking Dream is the Best they offer. A smooth and even burn with the best taste of a flavored offered, Hard to find and they sell out fast at the local Smoke Shop....
Dale in Murrieta California January 20, 2010
"Wonderful Flavor"
All around wonderful smoke, i highly enjoy sitting back and enjoying the taste. To me their coronas burn perfectly and evenly.
Adam in Pittsburgh July 26, 2009
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10 Taste (97) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (85) 100
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