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Tatiana Dolce Tropical Reviews [view details]

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"pleasant smoke"
I'm a noob when it comes to cigars, but I enjoy this stick. I guess it's a little hot to start, but half way it's nice. I like it. The tropical is not over done. If you like other Tatiana's of this size it's worth a try.
m.winter in Hawaii October 6, 2013
"Slow Burn, Same Taste Til The End"
The Tatiana is a wonderful Cigar from beginning to end. Myself, I love all the sizes and try to keep them on hand. They all are slow burning and hold the flavor to the end. I even leave enough to chew for a hour or so. I also love most all of the flavors. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!
Robert Massey in Raleigh, NC December 31, 2010
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