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Tatiana Mocha Caramely Reviews [view details]

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"Pretty terrible"
This is the worst cigar I have ever had. In addition to being under filled, soft and spongy, and smelling sickly sweet - like youÂ’re smoking a test tube of chemicals, this cigar ends up a soggy mess by about half way. I tried using a punch instead of a cutter to stop the tobacco from getting stuck in my mouth, but this led to tar build-up, which is disgusting. As well as consistently burning at an angle and not rectifying itself, or letting me do so, the taste is bland and/or bitter once you get through all the sweetness . Overall, a terrible cigar, which is sad because I bought 25 of them assuming nothing at their price could be THIS awful :/ If you are after something coffee/mocha/sweet flavoured the Tatiana Mocha Edens are much better, but even better are those from the Drew Estate range, one of my favourites being Tabak Especial.
Jeannette in Australia March 27, 2014
"A Cigar for Pipe Smokers"
I got two of these with FSS's Coffee 6-pack #2, which introduced me to some cigars that have become instant favorites. Of the three pairs, the Tatiana Mocha Caramely impressed me the least. Not to say it wasn't nice. I didn't dislike it. In fact I thought the flavor was pretty good. Draw was good, no problems there. But the cigar was a bit mushy. Got very soft by about halfway, not a tight pack. Also, I felt like something was amiss in the way I was smoking it. Somehow it wasn't hitting the spot. Then it struck me that this is not a cigar. It's a pipe full of shredded tobacco rolled up in a leaf. That's right. The tobacco is not long-filler, nor is it even the standard choppy short-filler. It's fine shredded flake like you'd use in a pipe. Once I got that figured out, I puffed it more like a pipe than a cigar, and sure enough, the rest of the experience was more pleasurable. If you're a pipe smoker, and you want to take baby steps into cigar world, then the Tatiana line may be a good transition. Or, if you can't find a pipe tobacco with a nice Mocha Caramely flavor, get some of these and pack the filler in your trusty old Briarwood. I think it will pleasantly surprise you.
CP in MA August 26, 2013
It was not a bad stick. the taste was as expected with a cigar of this price and rating. i have only tried one so far, but the wrapper looked a little shoddy and wasn't wrapped as tightly as i would have liked but over all an average experience. Wasn't wowed though.
Paul in Poplar Bluff February 28, 2013
"Over Priced"
After smoking the first one from a sampler I'm a bit puzzled. This cigar is amazingly similar in size and flavor to Dutch Masters Chocolate Palma. Why pay an additional three bucks a stick for essentially the same smoking experience?
Michael in Grand Prairie, TX February 7, 2013
"I like it with coffee"
smooth and good taste all the way to the end. My overall favorite cigar.
Ed in Madison, Oh September 28, 2012
"best coffee cigar"
awesome coffee cigar, best ive had. compliments coffee very well.
josh in bama June 9, 2012
"Awseome cigar!"
Awseome cigar!, good draw! A rich flavor and exotic smoke. Something different from the ordinary. Smells good enough to eat.
Joe Christman in Tracy , ca December 5, 2010
When you smell this cigar it smells great; it smells like chocolate or mocha. Then you light it, and there's no smell at all, just raw tobacco. All the smell is gone and it's like you're just smoking a cigarette without inhaling. Anyway, I don't think there's a middle ground when rating: a cigar is either good or bad, and for the price this was a piece of crap.
MT in Bay Point, CA December 13, 2009
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