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Tatiana Mocha Reviews

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Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Great Flavor, Ok Burn"
This cigar has a great aroma and flavor, with a sweet tip. The burn is good, it is a little fast. My wife loves the smell of this cigar and I enjoy the flavor. I have smoked all that I ordered and was pleased with the flavor consistency. If you are looking for a flavored cigar or something with an enjoyable flavor and aroma I would suggest this cigar.
Dell Peters in Virginia June 12, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Eden
"Nice, rich smoke."
I got these just to try a random, coffee-infused cigar as those are kind of my favorites and these are pretty nice. They have a similar character to Tatiana s Night Cap line of flavored cigar, only these are not quite as sweet and have a slightly bolder flavor overall. Personally I recommend these to people who are curious to try a relatively mild coffee smoke without being as heavy or sweet as some of the other popular brands out there.
Dan June 4, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"sad cigar, poor construction"
Got these in one of the coffee samplers. I enjoy variety and trying different cigars in these samplers, but these are absolutely the worst constructed cigar I've ever smoked. Taste is just ok - nowhere close to the Drew Estates lines. With these, I spent more time spitting out small flakes of filler than I did actually smoking it. Also very soft, loose roll - feel squishy and very, very open draw.
JohnM in Nashville April 21, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Caramely
"Pretty terrible"
This is the worst cigar I have ever had. In addition to being under filled, soft and spongy, and smelling sickly sweet - like youÂ’re smoking a test tube of chemicals, this cigar ends up a soggy mess by about half way. I tried using a punch instead of a cutter to stop the tobacco from getting stuck in my mouth, but this led to tar build-up, which is disgusting. As well as consistently burning at an angle and not rectifying itself, or letting me do so, the taste is bland and/or bitter once you get through all the sweetness . Overall, a terrible cigar, which is sad because I bought 25 of them assuming nothing at their price could be THIS awful :/ If you are after something coffee/mocha/sweet flavoured the Tatiana Mocha Edens are much better, but even better are those from the Drew Estate range, one of my favourites being Tabak Especial.
Jeannette in Australia March 27, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Cheap n Nasty"
These used to be a really tasty smoke that were firmly wrapped and had a great draw but like the other Tatiana s they have started making them cheaper and this reflects the quality, now you get bits in your teeth after the cigar is half smoked. Spend your money on another brand!
Kerry in Australia January 16, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Could Be Better"
I received a couple of these cigars in the Coffee Wingman #6 pack sampler. I've been wanting to try them but was hesitant on purchasing more than a couple of them. The cigars were extremely soft %26 squishy. They were very loosely rolled. When I cut the end the cigar was so squishy that I couldn t get a good cut, some of the tobacco tore. This resulted in some loose stands of tobacco that I had to keep spitting out of my mouth while I was smoking it. The cigar tasted OK but it was so loosely rolled that it really took away from the experience. This could be a very good cigar if the construction were better.
Jerry from Detroit in Detroit January 12, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Taste good, bad constuction"
I liked how the cigar tasted, but its construction was a drawback to me. Like others have noted, the cigar is spongy, too loosely packed, and I too had bits of filler in my mouth too frequently. The burn to me was OK. I will look elsewhere for a coffee / mocha infused taste.
John in NY January 3, 2014
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Not bad, but not great"
It s a decent cigar for the price. The Isla del Sol is better. This cigar is a little on the spongy side, but the price reflects it s construction. It is sweet, but tends to have a less than razor sharp burn on the ash. If you can get them on sale, they re worth the price.
Jeff H in Wisconsin December 27, 2013
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Good, but not great."
A good tasting cigar, but not great burning or great in it's construction. I've smoked several of these and they've all gotten spongy about 2/3 s of the way through. They have all tended to burn at about a 30 degree angle. Isla del Sol is a better value for the money.
Jeff H. in Wisconsin December 26, 2013
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
I ve tried the Java line and thought this would be more or less similar - boy, was I wrong. Before the wrapper came off, I thought I had a stick air freshener. The cigar was loose , heavily scented and rough looking. The initial light and taste was like perfume. About half way down, the cigar got squishier and I kept spitting out tobacco bits as it started falling apart. I just hope I can give away the other 4 in the sampler to those who don t know cigars.
Joe from Ottawa November 18, 2013
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