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Tatiana Mocha Reviews

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Tatiana Mocha Caramely
"I like it with coffee"
smooth and good taste all the way to the end. My overall favorite cigar.
Ed in Madison, Oh September 28, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Dirty Cigar"
Dirty cigar,Found cigarette filler in my first one. Go for Isla Del Sol or Tabak Especial by Drew Estate. Do not buy DIRTY cigars.
Dennis September 18, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Caramely
"best coffee cigar"
awesome coffee cigar, best ive had. compliments coffee very well.
josh in bama June 9, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Eden
"Ugly Coyote"
It boosts an unpleasant appearance, lumpy, inconsisted look. Burns somewhat uneven, small hint of coffee that is overtaken by tabacco taste and smell.
Arnolf in Victorville CA May 12, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Eden
Great cigar with that first cup of coffee. Burns nicely with a slight hint of sweet coffee. Just the right size when you don't have an hour or two to smoke a cigar.
Frank in Upstate New York May 11, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Eden
"Nice Cigar"
Got five of these as part of a sampler, wish I had more. This is a great after dinner cigar. It's on the small side but aroma is great and the dark wrapper has a hint of sweetness.
Don in New York May 2, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Eden
"just a touch of sweetness"
I like the size and the touch of sweetness not as obvious as Acid's Blondie so I will feel fine about smoking one with more experienced smokers while the Blondie would draw comment.
carol in oklahoma March 18, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Before you spend your money"
Go for Isla Del Sol by Drew Estates.. A much better morning cigar
DonB in VA March 2, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Stobona 5 Pack
"Smooth, mild, and sweet"
Throughly enjoyed this cigar. Mild and sweet. Great draw and burn. Would recommend if you like flavored cigars.
Mike in Augusta February 24, 2012
Tatiana Mocha Stobona
"Great draw and taste all else is iffy"
This cigar has a smooth even taste from light-up to butt. A good "dessert" flavor. Easy draw through a punch cut. This cigar looks rustically good but had a VERY loose roll with inconsistent wrappers and very soft feel that varied cigar to cigar. I was disappointed with the construction and burn, but the taste and draw made up for it.
JS in Fallon, NV February 20, 2012
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