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"Nice, rich smoke."
I got these just to try a random, coffee-infused cigar as those are kind of my favorites and these are pretty nice. They have a similar character to Tatiana s Night Cap line of flavored cigar, only these are not quite as sweet and have a slightly bolder flavor overall. Personally I recommend these to people who are curious to try a relatively mild coffee smoke without being as heavy or sweet as some of the other popular brands out there.
Dan in June 4, 2014
"One of my favorites!"
If I had one of these every night with a good cup of Joe, I'd die a happy man! The flavor lasts through the entire smoke with no bitterness or inconsistency. You'll want to take off the labels to smoke them as short as possible. Try retrohaling (through your nose) for a real nice and "incensy" flavor. I can't say enough good things about these cigars. Note that they aren't a long smoke, maybe 25 min tops, and they're a little loosely packed so do not cut them, poke'em with a toothepick or something similar. Enjoy!
Steve D. in NJ Highlands July 29, 2013
Got these as a part of a wingman pack. I will most likely buy them again by themselves.
Jonathan in Hbg Pa June 11, 2013
"Excellent cigar at a great price"
Got a bundle of these on sale and was not disappointed. Smooth, rich taste and my wife loves the aroma. Instantly became my go to cigar. Goes very well with a cup of coffee.
James in Tennessee February 27, 2013
"Ugly Coyote"
It boosts an unpleasant appearance, lumpy, inconsisted look. Burns somewhat uneven, small hint of coffee that is overtaken by tabacco taste and smell.
Arnolf in Victorville CA May 12, 2012
Great cigar with that first cup of coffee. Burns nicely with a slight hint of sweet coffee. Just the right size when you don't have an hour or two to smoke a cigar.
Frank in Upstate New York May 11, 2012
"Nice Cigar"
Got five of these as part of a sampler, wish I had more. This is a great after dinner cigar. It's on the small side but aroma is great and the dark wrapper has a hint of sweetness.
Don in New York May 2, 2012
"just a touch of sweetness"
I like the size and the touch of sweetness not as obvious as Acid's Blondie so I will feel fine about smoking one with more experienced smokers while the Blondie would draw comment.
carol in oklahoma March 18, 2012
"Terrible -- run for your life"
Sold as a ring of 50. More like 42. Wet, and uneven burn. Smell was almost overwhelming. Not a good aroma at all. Very disapointed. Put out at just over half way marker. Giving the rest to someone I don't like.
Peter in Virginia Beach July 27, 2011
"Built well with hints of coffee"
A friend & I shared this cigar for the 1st time. My friend liked it, said it's smooth flavor appealed to him. I could taste the coffee flavor although it wasn't very prominent. I prefer a sweeter smoke, but that's just personal preference. Overall, I'd recommend this stick if your looking for a well made hand-rolled cigar with a smooth hint of this or that flavor.
Shawn in Binghamton, NY July 21, 2011
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