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"excellent,...vanilla flavor"
I love it... Vainilla flavor!!! Over 9 years choosing the same one and no regrets!!!
natalia in levittown,pA August 25, 2013
"Great But Small and Fast"
This is a great tasting cigar with a wonderful aroma. I just thought it was loosely packed and quite small. Great for a 5-minute smoke. Next order will need to be a larger size.
Jim in South Dakota July 14, 2013
"Great smoking. Bought 1 tin now buying a samplier."
I orginally bought a tin while on vacation in Florida. I had to ration them since my local smoke shop did not have them here an now since I found them on this site I'm gonna get a samplier to try more of these great cigars. Thanks.
Vinny in Virginia May 30, 2012
"Pretty quick smoke"
These things are delicious, but I think it would be fair to mention that this loosely-packed "cigar" only burns for about 90 seconds. Three puffs and you're done.
Don in FL October 11, 2009
These are exellent! Great flavor, ash can be very white when smoked slowly. I ordered a few more, and a tin of the chocolate, and night cap.
Ryan in Wisconsin July 29, 2007
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