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Tatiana Waking Dream Petites (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Good if you want a mild/sweet type of smoke."
I m a big fan of Tatiana s flavored cigars, especially the Trio series. I will admit, though, I think Waking Dream is probably the weakest of the series. The tobacco is good quality, like most Tatiana product, but it doesn t quite pair well, in my taste, with the sweet/liquor style combination going on here. Night Cap and Groovy Blue seem to have hit the mark in terms of flavors, but these seem to have enough of a different character to them to make them not as consistent as most Tatiana flavors. this is not to say they are bad though. The light whiskey infusion makes the cigar pair well with a bit of actual whiskey or bourbon, but it will probably turn off people who don t like sweeter smokes.
Dan in June 18, 2014
"this one is a keeper"
Beautiful aroma on tin opening. Wow. Taste is smooth, not too bitter, and well balanced. This one is on my list of keepers. I like this at least as much as CAO's KarmaSutras, and maybe even better.
Su in PA, USA November 14, 2006
"Very MILD, and a GREAT flavored cigar."
I smoked one after work with a cup of coffee,and I will order more, because this little cigar is a WINNER.
Randy Cook in Michigan. March 25, 2006
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10 Construction (90) 100
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