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Tatuaje 7th Natural Reviews [view details]

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"Outstanding cigar"
I am used to smoking a Cuban Bolivar and this cigar is a great alternative. This stands up as one of the worlds great smokes!
Freddy in Chicago November 6, 2011
This cigar is perfect. Some of my favorite cigars are Cuban Cohiba Siglo IV, VI's, Robustos and Monte #2's. In my opinion, this cigars gives the same level of satisfaction and in flavor, it tastes very close to a Cohiba Robusto. Excellent draw with volumes of smoke. Slight sweet and hunts caramel and roasted nuts. Highly recommended. These cigars have earned a slot in my humidor and I'll have a few boxes aging for the future. Would love to see them in a cabinet of 50. Jerry
JW in United States October 8, 2010
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