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Tatuaje Reviews

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Tatuaje Black Petite Lancero
"Nice medium bodied cigar"
This is a very nice medium bodied Petite Lancero. Easy draw and good flavor, but is not nearly as good as Tat Black Robustos or Coronas. Lacks body, scotch will overpower the cigar. Smoke in the early afternoon or as a second cigar or when you are short on time. It is a little pricey for what it is.
Ethan Y in Dallas, TX July 10, 2012
Tatuaje Miami Regios
"Worth the Price"
I have trouble buying cigars in this price range because there are many great cigars to be had. But this is a mighty fine cigar. Medium Full, smokes cool, and can be a 90 minute plus smoke. Great example of why Tatuaje is a go to smoke for me. Experienced smokers will enjoy.
Ethan Y in Dallas, TX July 10, 2012
Tatuaje Reserva Gran Cojonu
"Both smooth & strong, nothing is lacking!"
Loved it. Excellent in taste, construction and burn, the Tat GC represents quality and boldness.
Larry in Edmond, OK July 2, 2012
Tatuaje Reserva Gran Cojonu
"Best Box in the humidor... Bar none..."
I've bought 2 boxes of these big full flavored cigars. They are my go to cigar when I want a lot of flavor and I have the time available to smoke it. My favorite 1 hour and 45 minutes of any day!
Brian in Frisco May 31, 2012
'Best Of Tatuaje' Sampler #1
"Great Cigars"
Great Cigars Smoke them all the time.. Like a little bigger Ring Size too>> !
Fred in Ft Worth, TX May 9, 2012
Tatuaje Miami Tainos
I've had a box in one of my three humidors for about 5 years now. On a special occasion, I'll have one. They are beyond golden, and have the same effect on my palate as my 4 year old Cohiba Siglo 6's, and my 5 year old Cohiba Esplendidos. They are that good, and I still have half a box left. They are, simply amazing. What else can you say? Properly aged, they rate a 100.
Patrick in S. Illinois April 25, 2012
Tatuaje Reserva Gran Cojonu
"One of the best full cigars on the market"
Great cigar, full and very smooth, a 2 plus hour smoking experience. Guaranteed to make your worries and stress disappear. Pricey but when you factor in it's a 2 hour smoke, it's really not that expensive. Not much more that I can say when Jonathan Drew has already endorsed this cigar (see above review), when the cigar maestro of ACID and Liga Privada endorses someone else's creation you know the cigar is damn good!
Ethan in Dallas, TX March 20, 2012
Tatuaje Reserva Gran Cojonu
"This went to the top of my list!"
I got a box of these based on the reviews and the few Cojonu 2003 I have the privilege to try. I put them in the humidor for a few weeks, then I couldn't wait any longer. The large ring size, the quality of construction, the light, the draw were all great. Then each third was exceptional. I've moved this big guy to the top of my list. There are over 20 boxes in my humidor. This one sits on top.
Brian in Frisco, TX January 1, 2012
Tatuaje Reserva Gran Cojonu
"Best of the Best"
I smoked my first one during Sunday Night Football... and my second during MNF... then last night makes it a habit... This is the best cigar I've ever smoked. The light was perfect, the draw was just right, the burn never had to be touched up, and the flavor was astounding.... I'm obviously a fan... The only negative was that they didn't waste any money on a label. Count me in on several more boxes.
btkfrisco in Frisco, TX December 20, 2011
Tatuaje 7th Natural
"Outstanding cigar"
I am used to smoking a Cuban Bolivar and this cigar is a great alternative. This stands up as one of the worlds great smokes!
Freddy in Chicago November 6, 2011
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