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Tatuaje Reviews

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Tatuaje Miami Regios
Purchased this one in a sampler, so maybe that is the issue. This was probably the most disapointing cigar I have ever smoked. Both cigars in the sampler were smoked about 3 weeks after I purchased them. The draw was VERY HARD, so the flavor was limited. I found the cigar to be leather/woody through the smoke. No character to this smoke, just a dull expensive smoke. I won't buy these again.
irloyal in Republic of Texas August 23, 2011
Tatuaje Miami Regios
"Taste great but"
Upon first puff I was delighted at the taste. It tasted cuban. So wonderful As I kept smoking it I noticed that it did not get better. It lacked a kick. If the cigar ended good or got better it would be one of the best. Instead it only tastes really really good. Not worth the price.
Gavin in Hawaii August 6, 2011
Tatuaje Reserva Cojonu 2009
The Tatuaje brand is phenomenal. The blends, the way they burn, everything is great. These cigars are a must have for the torpedo lovers.
Mike in Salem July 27, 2011
Tatuaje Reserva Gran Cojonu
The tatoo man, a brilliant idea he had planned, so he took it to Garcia and had it rolled by hand, and when Jose was done it became the best under the sun.
Mark in Eagan MN June 17, 2011
Tatuaje Miami Noellas
"The best Around"
The best Cigar on the Market, need I say more!!!
Shaun. W in Ballarat , Australia May 11, 2011
Tatuaje Reserva 7th
Simply the best Full bodied cigar I have ever had, I wish they were readily available in OZ because then they would be my "Go To" Cigar.
Shaun. W in Ballarat, Australia May 11, 2011
Tatuaje Petite Tatuaje
"So Smooth... by far the best I've had."
This Tatuaje was honestly the best cigar I've ever had. Next to Ashton VSG's, Cohiba Red Dot's, and AF Hemingway's this was consistent all the way to the end. Full of superb flavor with draw and burn that any other stick would envy. Rich in leather and earthy notes. The only bad thing was the construction. It was perfect out of the box however once lit, the wrapper started to come off. The further I smoked it, the more the wrap came undone. Other then that I just had to keep smoking it, it was that good. Highly recommended despite the wrapper issues.
Tom R in New Mexico February 12, 2011
Tatuaje RC 233 Gran Perfecto
"Awesome smoke"
Fantastic full body smoke, very complex, masterfully crafted cigar. A long smoke, set aside at least 90 minutes to enjoy this stick.
aaronh in California January 21, 2011
Tatuaje Reserva Cojonu 2009
"the best i have had"
gotta say out of the 97 cigars (and counting) i have had this is the best yet. it has a nice even burn all the way down, very consistent, has a nice easy draw (especially for a torpedo), it isnt a very strong cigar but its strong enough yet very enjoyable. for me i love them and it is my treat after every semester at school (aslong as my gpa is no less then a 3.4). anyone that likes the cao brazils, gloria cubana series n, or even the original olivas (flor de oliva) you will more then likely like this. p.s. goes great with a glass of brandy while sitting outside at night
Zach in ohio January 19, 2011
Tatuaje 7th Natural
This cigar is perfect. Some of my favorite cigars are Cuban Cohiba Siglo IV, VI's, Robustos and Monte #2's. In my opinion, this cigars gives the same level of satisfaction and in flavor, it tastes very close to a Cohiba Robusto. Excellent draw with volumes of smoke. Slight sweet and hunts caramel and roasted nuts. Highly recommended. These cigars have earned a slot in my humidor and I'll have a few boxes aging for the future. Would love to see them in a cabinet of 50. Jerry http://www.learnguitarfastandeasy.com
JW in United States October 8, 2010
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