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Tatuaje Fausto Avion 12's Reviews [view details]

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"A Wonderful Cigar. Very Complex."
I purchased a box of these cigars at auction and traded half with my buddy; he LOVES this stick. I'll be buying another box for myself next month. The #12s burn well, have no draw issues, and taste fantastic. The wrapper has the unmistakable fragrance of cocoa butter, and the wrapper is almost flawless. The Avions have a very distinctive shape that is easily recognizable. The first inch of this stick will fill your mouth with peppery spice, and the rest of smoke has a very deep, chocolate flavor. The ash was dark gray, dense and fell off without much effort. The draw was easy, not too loose, but not at all tight. Beware, this stick does live up to the reputation of the Tatuaje Fausto line... it packs a lot of nicotine, so keep those candies or a sugary beverage nearby.
Jim in Galloway, NJ October 9, 2014
"Great Cigar!"
Just another AMAZING cigar from Pete Johnson. I was a little concerned that the perfecto shape with a box press would be a draw nightmare, but boy was I wrong. The Tatuaje Fausto Avion 12's is just a great cigar. What a pleasure to smoke! I would describe the flavor profile as earthy with a slight spice. Medium to Full bodied. I picked up a 5 pack on a whim before a vacation and I am happy I did. I will be placing a box order asap.
Tony M in Texas August 23, 2013
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