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Tatuaje Havana VI Reviews

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Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias
"The 3 I had were GREAT"
Not sure about how they are from Famous, but the few I've had from local tabacoonist have all been perfect. Again, the source seems to be the key with good cigars as I have learned.
G in Texas October 31, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias
"Tight draw"
Would have been a great cigar if I could have smoked it. Rolled way too tight, like my experience with most lancero's and panatela's.
Jared in Ma August 20, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Almirantes
"Excellent Smoke"
Really enjoyed the Tatuaje Havana (red label). I was intially reluctant as I really like Corojo wrappers and this Tatuaje has a Habano wrapper. I have had a couple of boxes of these now. I have always liked Don Pepin Garcias work and this met my expectations. Not as strong and spicy as DPG black or blue, or the Tatuaje with the brown label and Corojo wrapper, but great flavor and another quality cigar from DPG and Pete Johnson. I will say the the Robusto had a better draw than the Churchill.
Mark in Washington State August 13, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles
I got this cigar as part of a tatuaje sampler. What a delightful surprise. It is bold enough to give immediate satisfaction and full flavor but never overwhelms, all the way to the finish. A true masterpiece.
Brian in Oregon July 1, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Gorditos
I found this to be a very nice medium smoke. I've heard that this line in general are all full body. Not so!
DG in Florida April 22, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles
Pete Johnson, my new favorite blender!! This cigar is my absolute favorite. It is a spicy treat. GIVE THIS A TRY YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Anthony in Blackduck Minnesota April 9, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles
One of Pete's best, a standout in the line of excellent cigars........I always run out of these first.
cigarphil in philly March 2, 2012
Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu No. 5
"Great coffee break smoke"
this is my go to, only have 30 minutes to smoke, cigar! Lots of smoke, and great flavor when you just don't have 90 minutes or more.
cigarphil in philly March 2, 2012 November 11, 2011
Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles
"Great Flavor"
This is one of my favorite cigars on flavor alone. They are extremely well made in addition to smooth boldness of this med-full cigar.
Glenn in Louisiana October 27, 2011
Tatuaje Havana VI Artistas
"Strong, flavorful smoke"
For those who enjoy a full smoke. Most enjoyable evening smoke. Goes well with a glsaa of port.
NoCause in NJ September 12, 2011
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