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Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles Reviews [view details]

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"Retracting my previous assessment"
Notes of red pepper, wood, and dark cocoa, but they re all too rustic and the red pepper spice overwhelms everything else during the first half. Medium-to-full nicotine. 87 points. The 4x40 Verocu No. 5 is so much better!
Stefan in City by the Bay February 20, 2014
"I prefer the smaller ring gauges for this blend."
Good medium smoke, with excellent burn. Not too complex but tasty and well-balanced, showing notes of dark chocolate, wood, and walnut skin. Paired well with a double stout, but black coffee owerhelmed the flavors. I seemed to have appreciated the taste better after leaving the second and third stogies rest at around 63% RH; of the two, the stick I took out of the cello became tighter, particularly at the nub, and so did the draw. 88 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 14, 2014
"Great smoke"
Just smoked one of these ROTT and was pleasantly surprised. Solid medium, maybe lower side of meduim-full with nice oily nutty/cocoa/leather/tobacco flavor, and has a nice much fuller finish that consists of leath/earth and red pepper. Fairly complex in the way the flavors mingle, but not much evolving as you burn down. Burn was good, draw was great, overall a great cigar at a great price. Plus the aroma was fantastic!
RB in August 23, 2013
"Great stick!"
From the minute I started toasting the foot I knew I was in for a treat! This thing burned perfect all the way! Got better on every draw! PJ DPG JG Thanks!
Mike in NorCal August 4, 2013
"Great smoke!"
Smoked one from a sampler pack and will be purchasing a box. Great flavors throughout with no over spice towards the end. Smooth even burning stick that will be a staple in my humidor. A must try medium body smoke.
in January 30, 2013
I got this cigar as part of a tatuaje sampler. What a delightful surprise. It is bold enough to give immediate satisfaction and full flavor but never overwhelms, all the way to the finish. A true masterpiece.
Brian in Oregon July 1, 2012
Pete Johnson, my new favorite blender!! This cigar is my absolute favorite. It is a spicy treat. GIVE THIS A TRY YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Anthony in Blackduck Minnesota April 9, 2012
"Great Flavor"
This is one of my favorite cigars on flavor alone. They are extremely well made in addition to smooth boldness of this med-full cigar.
Glenn in Louisiana October 27, 2011
"Not as good as I hoped, but will try again"
I was pretty excited after this purchase, I was told (based on my likes) that I should like it. To start off, the first inch or so was harsh and smokey. To be honest I was ready to give it up - but I held on and I'm actually glad I did. The last 3/4 of the cigar ranged from good right up to fantastic. The closer I got to the end the more intense the spice flavor got. I was actually disappointed when it was done (smoked almost to the very end). I'm going to pick up another next time I'm out and let it age in my humidor for a bit. If I can get a full smoke like the last half of this one - I will be buying a box.
Bob in Michigan March 27, 2009
"Give this baby a try"
There are a lot of great cigars out there, and it's often hard to decide what to spend your hard earned cash on, especially when we all have our tried and true favorites. I tried this baby from a recommendation, and I'm glad I did. This is a medium strength Cuban killer that has depth and character. Pepin makes some outstanding cigars, and this is no exception. Medium strength and full flavor is what I love, and Tatuaje delivers....even if I have a hard time pronouncing the name.
Ray in Austin Texas October 29, 2008
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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