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"Good Experience"
Unlike a previous reviewer I had excellent quality in my five pack. I let all my smokes sit for at least a month. These were smoked over a 1-4 month period. I would rate it more of a med-full range cigar. It has some nice flavors and probably better the longer you let it rest.
Andy in July 28, 2014
"Take Some Time With These"
I try to sample everything that Pete Johnson comes out with, so when I saw this all-American cigar, I was intrigued and bought five petit coronas. Being impatient, I smoked the first one immediately upon receipt and was not impressed. It had a very firm draw and it tasted rather ordinary. Fortunately, I had read some information about cigars perhaps being over-humidified prior to shipment by mail order houses so I followed the author s suggestion and dry boxed the remaining four cigars to check that theory out. Whoever wrote the article was correct: after three days in a dry box, they had morphed into trememdous cigars with a smooth draw and an excellent flavor profile without being overpowering. My suggestion: make sure you aren t trying to smoke one that is too moist. If you wait, you WILL be rewarded with an extremely flavorful cigar.
Dan in Gainesville, FL May 10, 2014
I don't really know what to think of these... They have some good flavors, but two of mine were plugged up and were very acrid. And the third was great up until the last third were it suddenly got very harsh and the draw was impossible. I will not be buying these again because of the consistency. There were some great flavors, but the consistency is not there.
Ben in Texas September 15, 2012
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