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La Casita Criolla Corona Gorda Reviews [view details]

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"SO Much Flavor!"
La Casita Criolla is not Pete Tatuaje Johnson's first attempt at an all-broadleaf cigar, but it is the best, and the only one I've ever tried. This cigar is a masterpiece, and not just for what it is. At first glance, La Casita Criolla is kind of a strange specimen. The cigar band looks like a tag on a Christmas present. The wrapper is thick and gritty. More than a few of the cigars in the box had protrusions where the edge of the wrapper leaf was wrinkled or somehow caught on itself; this did NOT affect the burn. Having said that, it was not unpleasant to look at, just...uncommon for such a lovely smoke. The pre-light scent is of a mild, worn leather. Some sticks had a tight draw, but this was the exception to the rule. As for the flavor...I can't say enough of how well it tasted. There was so much broadleaf flavor in this cigar that I yelled for joy. It was consistent from right after the first inch until just beyond the start of the final 1/3. This smoke is as well-balanced and pleasant as the Liga Privada lines and the Oliva Serie O torpedo. I highly recommend this stick to anyone who has a well-defined pallet. It will knock your socks off.
Jim in Galloway, NJ October 9, 2014
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