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Tatuaje Series P Reviews

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Tatuaje Series P Short Robusto
"Good everyday smoke"
I love Tatuaje but when I want an affordable smoke and I'm not looking for anything fancy I turn to these. I've bought a couple boxes needless to say. From experience the short robusto is a much more enjoyable smoke than the series P robusto; I have yet to try the toro but I assume it's enjoyable as well.
Bridget in CTshoreline July 11, 2013
Tatuaje Series P Robusto
"better than many other tats"
Sorry some have discredited these. Flavor similar to a Conoju. Worth trying if you're a Tat fan, and I don't like most Tats.
jeff in ft collins, co June 27, 2013
Tatuaje Series P Short Robusto
I have/do smoke a lot of Tatuaje...mostly "brown label". "Regio" being an absolute staple. I tried these a few months ago for the first time. I've smoked two boxes of each size. If there's a better cigar on this planet that represents better value than these...I've yet to find it!! Remove the label don't share the price...I feel absolutely certain...most would absolutely love these. The only thing not premium about these is the price. Flavor, burn,construction..AAAA++++ My new favorites for sure!!
scott in Vermont May 3, 2013
Tatuaje Series P Robusto
"Harsh and flavorless"
I would NOT recommend this cigar regardless of the price.
Steve August 6, 2012
Tatuaje Series P Robusto
Yeah, another overpriced stick by Pete Johnson. Took one apart after a tough draw, not medium or long filler at all. Nothing but crumbs and very small tobacco clippings. Flor de Olivas are better. 1 out of 10 maybe has flavor. Good luck with these don't get fooled by the band.
Daparted Juan in Greendale July 9, 2012
Tatuaje Series P Robusto
"Good Looking Cigar but Tough Draw"
I sure was looking forward to the Tatuaje Series P Robusto cigar. I picked up a box for an outdoor party. With the combination of Pete Johnson and Don Pepin Garcia, I was sure these would be outstanding. Construction on the cigars were superb. Very good looking color and appearance. Throughout the cigar there was a mix of pepper and spice. Reviews read as a medium body, but I would call this a full body. Unfortunately the draw was very difficult. Amongst a small sample 3 out of the 4 buddies I was smoking with all complained of a tight draw. I am hoping some time in the humidor might help. Overall a very economical cigar, but just not up to my hopes. (Location: Outdoor Party, Drink: Crown and Diet)
Tony in Houston TX April 30, 2012
Tatuaje Series P Robusto
"Oh man, here we go"
Wow, got a deal on the monster and boy I can see why these are always on backorder. People arent scooping them up because they suck. These smokes are great. Better than any RP seconds or factory selects at around the same price. Great construction,flawless burn,great strong ash that holds well. These may be mixed filler of medium and long but you would never know. Ive taken apart many premiums that didnt burn well only to find med and long, rarely any cigar is pure long filler. The tatse is pure Nicaraguan, earth, cream, sweet natural tobacco, and nice mild spice. I paired it with some spiced rum and called it a night. Dont buy these however, because I want them all!
ElTigre in Frozen tundra March 23, 2012
Tatuaje Series P Toro
"No such thing as a bad Tatuaje"
Pleasantly surprise by how good these sticks are. The flavors are not as complex as others in the Tatuaje line, but good non-the-less. The burn was also good. Great everyday cigar.
David in McKinney, TX January 21, 2012
Tatuaje Series P Toro
"Beats many $8 plus smokes"
This is one of the best cigars I've ever had, picked it up from my local shop, he got these 3 boxes of these for free when ordering the other Tatuaje's. Fabulous smoke all around, great taste, easy draw, never had to re-light. Best $4 smoke out there and beats many $6, $8, or even $10 sticks I've had. And you can't beat the price.
Todd F in Lexington Kentucky September 5, 2011
Tatuaje Series P P2 Robusto
"Great bargain!"
These are terrific cut-filler smokes. You would be hard-pressed to find a better smoke for the money. Padron thousand series is the only other brand that can offer this much flavor at this low price, IMHO. These (and Padrons actually) are quickly turning into my go-to cigars for when something fancy is neither required nor desired, but full flavor is a must. Medium filler doesn't end up in my mouth as much as short filler, and you'll never get a plugged one haha! But seriously, they do burn and draw evenly enough. Big flavors of cedar and spice with a bit of harshness (which is to be expected from the medium-filler) and a nice-enough aroma.
Mike in Planet Earth August 22, 2009
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