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Tatuaje Series P Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Harsh and flavorless"
I would NOT recommend this cigar regardless of the price.
Steve in August 6, 2012
Yeah, another overpriced stick by Pete Johnson. Took one apart after a tough draw, not medium or long filler at all. Nothing but crumbs and very small tobacco clippings. Flor de Olivas are better. 1 out of 10 maybe has flavor. Good luck with these don't get fooled by the band.
Daparted Juan in Greendale July 9, 2012
"Good Looking Cigar but Tough Draw"
I sure was looking forward to the Tatuaje Series P Robusto cigar. I picked up a box for an outdoor party. With the combination of Pete Johnson and Don Pepin Garcia, I was sure these would be outstanding. Construction on the cigars were superb. Very good looking color and appearance. Throughout the cigar there was a mix of pepper and spice. Reviews read as a medium body, but I would call this a full body. Unfortunately the draw was very difficult. Amongst a small sample 3 out of the 4 buddies I was smoking with all complained of a tight draw. I am hoping some time in the humidor might help. Overall a very economical cigar, but just not up to my hopes. (Location: Outdoor Party, Drink: Crown and Diet)
Tony in Houston TX April 30, 2012
"Oh man, here we go"
Wow, got a deal on the monster and boy I can see why these are always on backorder. People arent scooping them up because they suck. These smokes are great. Better than any RP seconds or factory selects at around the same price. Great construction,flawless burn,great strong ash that holds well. These may be mixed filler of medium and long but you would never know. Ive taken apart many premiums that didnt burn well only to find med and long, rarely any cigar is pure long filler. The tatse is pure Nicaraguan, earth, cream, sweet natural tobacco, and nice mild spice. I paired it with some spiced rum and called it a night. Dont buy these however, because I want them all!
ElTigre in Frozen tundra March 23, 2012
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10 Construction (73) 100
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