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Te Amo Reviews

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Te Amo Meditation
"Perfect size for TeAmo"
Very pleased with these smokes, hadn t had Te Amo in a few years but they re just as i remember them. Very well constructed, excellent burn. Draw seems to vary a bit between cigars but it s always decent. Mexican tobacco is so unique and instantly identifiable - if you like it then I definitely recommend these Meditations, they re the perfect size for a 45-60 minute walk with the dog.
Steve in Michigan August 3, 2014
Te Amo Meditation
"Excellent Cigar"
This cigar is the only cigar I enjoy. It is not flashy and some say it is an old fashioned working class cigar. I will say that it is by far the most enjoyable cigar I have ever smoked. I am thrilled they have this in stock.
Kevin in Phillipsburg November 21, 2013
Te Amo Robusto
"Group think avoidance"
The cigar is not bad I have been smoking them for years, Like I said there is some group think going on why I don t know too bad it this cigar brand has been around longer than most of the people on this post and is a great everyday cigar.
Manolo in Miami October 26, 2013
Te Amo Robusto
"A Very Good Cigar in Maduro"
I have been smoking the Te Amo Robusto and Toro in Maduro for close to 20 years. They have never let me down. They are mild to medium in flavor, have a gnarled but oily wrapper. The draw has always been above average, the same with burn. Consistency in a box has been variable, but nothing close to bad or poor. The taste has always been above average to excellent.
Rick Collins in Carlsbad, NM September 8, 2013
Te Amo Toro 5 Pack
"Different but Still Excellent"
Found these cigars to be different from traditional smokes. A lil drier then other cigars but still offers full flavor. Was surprised it rated so low--- but bad reviews make for low prices. Lol
Buddy in Chicago August 30, 2013
Te Amo Toro
"Just ok. Draw too firm."
Just ok. Draw too firm.
Buddy in Chicago August 30, 2013 June 27, 2013
Te Amo Robusto
"Been hooked on them for years"
They taste and smell kind of like a donkey turd, they're dried out, burn unevenly, and taste horrible... but I can't get enough of them! TeAmo is a strange a wonderful cigar.
Steven S in Nashville, TN September 24, 2012
Te Amo Robusto
"Buyer beware"
Tequila yes. Mexican cigars taste like funk.
Nightjoe in Idaho July 8, 2012
Te Amo Toro
"Te Amo Returns"
I am not a true cigar afficianado. I just get into moods where I want to enjoy them then break away again. I try different brands when I get back to it. I am always wanting the Te Amos because of memories of them fitting my taste. Not being popular in local shops I finally got to order some. Again they hit the spot. After trying many and getting referrals for what might fit me, I am back to my Te Amos.
Alfredo in Oklahoma April 29, 2012
Te Amo Robusto
"This is what a cigar is meant to taste like!"
Now this is why I smoke cigars. Great taste from start to finish with a thick aromatic smoke. Wrapped tight with an even burn. Thank you Mexico!
Dewayne in Arkansas December 7, 2011
Amilcar Perez Castro
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!