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"Just ok. Draw too firm."
Just ok. Draw too firm.
in June 27, 2013
"Usually a good to almost great smoke"
I have been smoking the Te Amo Maduro Toro for about 15 years. Except for one occasion, they have been very good smokes bordering upon "almost great". They are mild to medium with a very consistent burn but only after they settle in a humidor. I had two cigars, purchased at the same time, that were pretty young and burned horribly. They were direct from a local tobaccanist before a golf game.
Rick Collins in Montana May 19, 2011
"Horrible, Harsh"
I smoked this for about 10 minutes and then had to put it out. I was gifted this from a BOTL and I would consider it more of a curse than a gift. Cigar was veiny, bumpy and initial draws were very harsh. Finish was of tobacco taste but the taste during smoking was not desirable.
Billy in MN January 27, 2011
"Very Nice Surprise!"
I really like this cigar. As faithful as I am to Oliva g Serie maduro I find this cigar has more character, depth and complexity. Not the prettiest in the humi nor is the band too fancy. Sometimes the bands are just flashy lures to get you to smoke a dog rocket. This cigar is the polar opposite of that. I enjoy this complex smooth medium body cigar very much and the price is ohhh sooo right!
Brad S in Maryland November 5, 2010
"Good for the price"
Good cigar for the price.
happyrock in Texas May 27, 2010
"Dirt! I'm smoking DIRT"
I bought a box of these a while back, and just now getting around to writing my review. I have a few words to describe my experience. DRY and tasted like dirt. I picked these up on a recommendation from a local shop owner. EVERY singe cigar in the box was DRY. I mean like left in the car forgotten for a week DRY. I opened them up and put them in my humi and let the sit for a while hoping they would get better getting rehydrated. NOPE. All but 2 that I can remember from the entire box were awful. I would smoke my pipe instead. Totally tasted and smelled like dirt, and harsh. Will NOT buy these again.
Dave in Nashville May 1, 2008
"Wow! What a Shocker!"
I had heard some good things about the Te Amo cigars but was a little reluctant to try them because of my perception of Mexican cigar inconsistency. After smoking a five pack sampler of these, all I can say is WOW! What a little jewel that won't put you in the poor house. Smoke was mild but flavorful, nice draw, and even burn. A tasty treat that has me reaching for my credit card to order a box of these babies!
Tom in NJ August 9, 2007
"Best value for the money!"
Having not enjoyed a cigar for a long time, I was dissapointed by what I was able to get locally. I even went to "another" web site and ordered a sampler which left me totally disheartened. I found these Toros again, and they were everything I remembered they were. Absolutely great burn, flavor, color and body. Best value around, but don't tell everyone!
Bob Miller in NY October 4, 2006
"Te-Amo Toro"
I got a tip on these but was reluctant to try them these because of my perceptions of Mexican Cigars. What a nice value at this price! It's a flavorful medium flavored cigar with a nice burn and terrific aroma. These will be perfect golf course take-alongs. I'll be back for more!
Maurice Burke in Omaha, NE January 24, 2006
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