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Tesoro Plumpo
"Best of the Lot"
You get these in the 20 under 20 sampler number 1. In my opinion these along with the Maroma's are the bargains of the bunch. Draw and burn are as good as any premium smoke after some humi time. No issues with construction or appearance. Flavor is light and its up to each individual smoker if they like it or not. As part of this low cost sampler they are gems.
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 22, 2014
Tesoro Conquistador
Not a bad cigar but there are always 3-5 out of the bundle that range from a little rough to downright non-smokable.
DJ in Florida USA August 31, 2014
Tesoro Plumpo
"Good taste, good construction"
I don't know if the other reviewers just got bad sticks, or, as the description states, the blend changed, but I've very much enjoyed this cigar. Mild bodied and relaxing. Nice cigar for a beach and a beer. Will buy more!
Robert in Michigan March 10, 2013
Tesoro Conquistador
"Not Bad!"
You could do a lot worse than these smokes for the money. They burn consistent, decent draw, and mild-medium.
Greg in Wood River, IL January 3, 2013
Tesoro Torpedo
"Very Good for the Money!!!"
I won this bundle from the auction for an everyday smoke and i must say they are very good, smooth and worth the money.
Wassim in Boston November 1, 2011
Tesoro Conquistador
"Okay, I've done a lot worse"
These cigars were okay. I wouldn't rave about them; but I would definitely buy them again. Not my favorite, but a good cigar to smoke while working on a project or to give to friends.
Paul D in Alpha, New Jersey October 27, 2011
Tesoro Plumpo
"A disappointing smoke"
I got a couple of these cigars in a variety pack. The cigar is constructed OK and smokes fine, but the taste was not what I was looking for. A disappointing smoke.
Phil in Washington, DC October 3, 2011
Tesoro Plumpo
"Not So Much..."
My experience with this one differs quite a bit from most of the other reviews. Received one of these in the 20 for $20 sampler. It's pretty rare for me to find a smoke so bad that I give up on it, but this is one of those smokes. Draw was terrible, barely any smoke, and almost no taste. I gave up on it after the first 1/3 and headed back to my humidor for something else.
Don in Texas September 19, 2011
Tesoro Plumpo
"Flavor very feint"
Appearance, construction, draw, and burn were all good. Even the flavor was pretty good, but there just wasn't enough of it. Plenty of smoke volume, but it just tasted washed out, like an already mild cigar that had been aged way too long.
Dave C. in USA August 18, 2011
Tesoro Torpedo
"don't waste you $$$"
Worst cigar I've smoked.
Dave C. in USA August 18, 2011 February 18, 2011
Evolution by Rocky Patel
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!