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Tesoro Reviews

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Tesoro Conquistador
I just threw 23 of them in the trash. The manufacturer should be ashamed to put his name on something as bad as these.
Don in Sebring, FL May 26, 2010
Tesoro Don
"Complete waste of money."
Horrible hard draw. Bad taste. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
Eric in Largo, Florida May 14, 2010
Tesoro Don
The word Tesoro means "treasure" not even close. The only thing good about this cigar is the taste it really is pretty good everything else sucks!! I know I only paid $1.60 a stick but I sure don't expect the cigar to fall apart while I am smoking it, Hopefully some time in the humidore will help.
Lee in Philadelphia pa December 5, 2009
Tesoro Plumpo
"Cheap but crappy"
I have never actually thrown cigars out in my life, but these are a huge mistake. You think you could nab a cheap bundle to take on a trip, and you realize they are poorly constructed, look awefull (even in the picture! how did I not notice! I am so cheap!) I smoked one and thought I ate a stick. Tried a second one and threw the rest in the fireplace. I swear. These are not worth the free shipping, let alone the price.
Cheapo in Springfield, Pa July 14, 2009
Tesoro Conquistador
"Very Pleased with the brand"
I got mine on the auction a few days ago and every one I smoked I hade none of the horrible ones I read about. First of all, I really like the taste and I don't care what they look like as much I like the size of them. I smoked a few all the way past the band ( once removed . Never the less I never paid Roger and Ebert any attention. So I urge all the rest of you to give them a try and see for yourself.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Rez,Wi April 17, 2009
Tesoro Plumpo
"Excellent value for money"
Got these off FSS for $1 each. Good construction, no problems with the wrapper (lucky?). Burns fairly well, only had to correct once after tipping off the ash. Good amount of smoke. Consistent, leathery taste, but not overwhelming, certainly not bland as I read in another review. No nasty aftertaste you might expect from this el cheapo. There are worse, more expensive robustos out there! Would make a good everyday stogie. Unbeatable bang for the buck.
edwald in nl March 20, 2009
Tesoro Gorda
I tried these several months ago and found them OK. The wrappers did not hold up during the smoke and construction was soft. I enjoyed the flavor, aroma and residual taste and gave them another chance. Last week I won an auction and found the previous problems NOT the case in this batch. Try them, even if you pitch a few they are still worth the price for an everyday smoke.
DocP in Cincinnati February 28, 2009
Tesoro Polo
"Poor quality, poor construction"
My bundle was pretty bad. Unraveling after a few puffs, even some cracked cigars. Don't care how much of a special these were, don't waste your money.
MIke R in Bryan TX February 26, 2009
Tesoro Polo
I bought a pack of 25 of these... what a mistake. Wrapper is cracked on many of them, and to make things worse, smoking them gives a dirt like taste and residue in your mouth. Sadly I may end up throwing these away. DO NOT PURCHASE these, absolutely horrible cigars!
C. Callaway in Davenport, IA January 8, 2009
Tesoro Polo
"A Truly Horrible Cigar"
I bought a 5 pack of these and a 5 pack of Tesoro Don 14 months ago. They stayed in the humi for 2 or 3 months before I tried them and they were absolutely disgusting. I had one more last week and they hadn't gotten any better. The rest went in the trash. If you want to stop smoking cigars, buy these.
Tom in Mi January 3, 2009
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