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Tesoro Gorda
"I may have spoke too soon....."
I like the flavor of these, but the 2nd batch I bought at auction have problems with the wrappers. They have cracks & splits before even lighting them. I had to throw a couple in the trash, & the ones that were smokeable the wrapper was peeling off during the smoke. I probably won't buy these again.
One Putt in Mo. December 21, 2008
Tesoro Plumpo
"Better than the reviews"
I only got one of these in a 5 pack maduro sampler, I must have got a good one. Well constructed with a nice even burn. The maduro wrapper is kind of a "wanna be" but the flavor is still good. A mild smoke with hints of pepper, & kind of a sweet finish. I'll try them again, good cigar great price.
One Putt in Mo. December 5, 2008
Tesoro Don
"Absolutely Disgusting"
Please, I'd rather die than smoke one of these again. At no point was this a pleasant smoke: nasty taste, uneven burn, poor construction. Don't waste your money here, go buy a coke instead.
Ken in Kansas October 9, 2008
Tesoro Gorda
Tastes like smoking leaves from the forest. Horrid cigar. Cow Dung for a filler?
Mike in Maryland September 23, 2008
Tesoro Plumpo
"Good taste, poor construction."
This cigar is pretty consistent when it comes to construction. Most had a hard draw, all split while smoking and when the band was removed every one had wrapper damage from the glue. The taste was pretty good and enjoyable with coffee in the morning. If you buy any, use a Fletchman Tool® to clear the plug then smoke them to the band and toss.
tacHammer in hills of Arkansas September 20, 2008
Tesoro Gorda
nice mild smoke... if you don't like that pepper and spice taste, this is one to try.
bw in delaware September 4, 2008
Tesoro Conquistador
"One horrible cigar!"
Won these at auction for 60 cents a stick, and overpayed by about 60 cents a stick. I only smoked one, which from the prelight smell I knew was going to be a mistake, and I was right. It's my own fault for trying to find a real "bargain". I can't even in good conscience return these for fear they'll be resold to some other poor soul. I'll do my part to protect others and throw these in the trash. (I may give them some time in the humidor, but I haven't really decided that - don't want to poison my humidor for any future storage.) Based on my exhaustive research (enduring part of one of these cigars) I can say these would make a great smoking cessation product. I'm fairly certain if you were to smoke one of these a day for a few days you would never want another cigar. For those of you who gave these positive reviews, you must've got lucky and got some from a different crop. If you want a good value cigar, stay away from these and order the Flor de Oliva bundles instead. They are so far superior to these they really shouldn't be mentioned in the same posting.
RTS in Wyoming July 16, 2008
Tesoro Don
"The worst cigar I have smoked"
I won this 5-pack for $6.00 + shipping cost. I just received them and walked across the street to the Federal Plaza to try one: I figured they were real cheap so what did I have to lose. This cigar had hints of licorice before being lit, afterward the wrapper virtually came apart and when lit it left a taste of green leaves on my tongue. At this point I am considering throwing them out or let them rest in my humidor for a couple of months. Frankly I don't think it will help these sticks. Well there you go you get what you pay for($6.00). They may be worth $6.00 but are surely not worth the additional $6.00 in shipping cost.
James White in Chicago July 1, 2008
Tesoro Plumpo
"taste is very good and it is constructed well."
Tesoro cigars are a good value.
Barry Pagano in IL April 25, 2008
Tesoro Torpedo
"Smelled like a skunk"
Won a bundle in an auction, only paid 15.00 for them and wish that I had not bid that much. The construction is OK at best, the burn was decent, the taste was close to smoking air, the aroma reminded me of a skunk with a bad attitude. Overall a very poor cigar that I don't even think time in a humidor would help. I will not be ordering this brand again nor would I give them away to a friend if I wanted to remain their friend.
Robert L. in Blue Springs April 24, 2008
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