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Tesoro Don Reviews [view details]

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The word Tesoro means "treasure" not even close. The only thing good about this cigar is the taste it really is pretty good everything else sucks!! I know I only paid $1.60 a stick but I sure don't expect the cigar to fall apart while I am smoking it, Hopefully some time in the humidore will help.
Lee in Philadelphia pa December 5, 2009
"The worst cigar I have smoked"
I won this 5-pack for $6.00 + shipping cost. I just received them and walked across the street to the Federal Plaza to try one: I figured they were real cheap so what did I have to lose. This cigar had hints of licorice before being lit, afterward the wrapper virtually came apart and when lit it left a taste of green leaves on my tongue. At this point I am considering throwing them out or let them rest in my humidor for a couple of months. Frankly I don't think it will help these sticks. Well there you go you get what you pay for($6.00). They may be worth $6.00 but are surely not worth the additional $6.00 in shipping cost.
James White in Chicago July 1, 2008
"Not a bad smoke"
Despite reading a bad review, I bid on and won a 5 pack of these cigars, I left them in the humi for about 6 weeks. I was surprised to find them to be a mild, good tasting cigar with a nice burn. I have no qualms on bidding on more of these.
Bluefly43 in Oregon March 18, 2008
LEONARDKL in FARMINGDALE, N.Y. October 31, 2007
"A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I got a won a couple of 5 packs from the auction site because they were pretty cheap(I thought what did I have to lose). When I got them, I fired one up and found out why they were so cheap. I would compare it to a dog turd, it stunk! It kept on going out unless I puffed on it constantly(why I lit it back up is beyond me) and came completely unwrapped after about half way though. Wow it was bad! So I let them sit awhile and tried another one, this wasn't bad. The next one I couldn't even draw through it to get it lit. I tried another and boy it was worse then the first one. What to do with the rest? Two of them are hard as rock(I'm not joking). My advice to you is; If you are daring or just love a great deal or love punishment or need something to break up concrete................YOU HAVE FOUND YOURSELF A CIGAR
Steve in IOWA November 23, 2004
"Not much of a cigar"
I bought a 5-pack of the Dons in the auction just to try. Burn, construction, and draw were fine. The problem is the taste. There is very little taste but what taste there is is harsh with a paper aftertaste.
JP in Herndon, Virginia November 19, 2004
"Find Another"
This cigar had construction faults from the get go. Fell apart about an inch of the way up. Awful taste - find something else.
Jamie F. in Franklin, TN May 20, 2001
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