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Tesoro Gorda Reviews [view details]

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I tried these several months ago and found them OK. The wrappers did not hold up during the smoke and construction was soft. I enjoyed the flavor, aroma and residual taste and gave them another chance. Last week I won an auction and found the previous problems NOT the case in this batch. Try them, even if you pitch a few they are still worth the price for an everyday smoke.
DocP in Cincinnati February 28, 2009
"I may have spoke too soon....."
I like the flavor of these, but the 2nd batch I bought at auction have problems with the wrappers. They have cracks & splits before even lighting them. I had to throw a couple in the trash, & the ones that were smokeable the wrapper was peeling off during the smoke. I probably won't buy these again.
One Putt in Mo. December 21, 2008
Tastes like smoking leaves from the forest. Horrid cigar. Cow Dung for a filler?
Mike in Maryland September 23, 2008
"Ok cigar"
I won this cigar on the auction site. I got the 5-pack for a couple of bucks off selling price. They are ok. They have a weak draw and two of the five I tossed out about 2/3 through. For the price, they are good everyday smokes, but nothing spectacular.
Jason Estes in Elma, Wa August 31, 2004
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