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Tesoro Plumpo Reviews [view details]

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First few puffs great taste. After that its all downhill. Lumps in cigars. Not only one but most of them. Will not purchase again.
Sam in Maryland May 3, 2007
"Good deal for a cheap smoke"
Recieved my bundle of these and upon inspection I found them to very consistant all the way thru the bundle. Smoked the first one, and although a little dry from the trip thru the UPS system. A good smoke for a good price. It's not a $6.00 smoke, but your smoking what you paid for it. I'd purchase again for a good cheap bundle.
Rusty in Tulsa December 7, 2005
"A cigar that is priced cheap but smokes rich!"
I just recieved a bundle and I really didn't know what to expect. After smoking three of these I can say I'm very happy. This cigar might be value priced but smokes like a four dollar stick. Smooth and consistent. I have found my everyday smoke.
Robert Williamson in Oswego, Kansas August 13, 2005
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10 Taste (58) 100
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10 Construction (64) 100
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