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"Best of the Lot"
You get these in the 20 under 20 sampler number 1. In my opinion these along with the Maroma's are the bargains of the bunch. Draw and burn are as good as any premium smoke after some humi time. No issues with construction or appearance. Flavor is light and its up to each individual smoker if they like it or not. As part of this low cost sampler they are gems.
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 22, 2014
"Good taste, good construction"
I don't know if the other reviewers just got bad sticks, or, as the description states, the blend changed, but I've very much enjoyed this cigar. Mild bodied and relaxing. Nice cigar for a beach and a beer. Will buy more!
Robert in Michigan March 10, 2013
"A disappointing smoke"
I got a couple of these cigars in a variety pack. The cigar is constructed OK and smokes fine, but the taste was not what I was looking for. A disappointing smoke.
Phil in Washington, DC October 3, 2011
"Cheap but crappy"
I have never actually thrown cigars out in my life, but these are a huge mistake. You think you could nab a cheap bundle to take on a trip, and you realize they are poorly constructed, look awefull (even in the picture! how did I not notice! I am so cheap!) I smoked one and thought I ate a stick. Tried a second one and threw the rest in the fireplace. I swear. These are not worth the free shipping, let alone the price.
Cheapo in Springfield, Pa July 14, 2009
"Better than the reviews"
I only got one of these in a 5 pack maduro sampler, I must have got a good one. Well constructed with a nice even burn. The maduro wrapper is kind of a "wanna be" but the flavor is still good. A mild smoke with hints of pepper, & kind of a sweet finish. I'll try them again, good cigar great price.
One Putt in Mo. December 5, 2008
"Good taste, poor construction."
This cigar is pretty consistent when it comes to construction. Most had a hard draw, all split while smoking and when the band was removed every one had wrapper damage from the glue. The taste was pretty good and enjoyable with coffee in the morning. If you buy any, use a Fletchman Tool® to clear the plug then smoke them to the band and toss.
tacHammer in hills of Arkansas September 20, 2008
"taste is very good and it is constructed well."
Tesoro cigars are a good value.
Barry Pagano in IL April 25, 2008
"Decent Cigar"
I received one of these in a sampler and gave it a try the other night. I?ll have to admit, this is no Cohiba when it comes to bouquet, but for price and quality it would make a very good every day smoke.
Scot in Burlington, Kentucky April 18, 2008
"Bland. Like my ol' lady's cookin'!"
Nice construction. The draw was nice and it burned evenly but, in my opinion, it lacked flavor. The aroma was not so pleasurable either. But it was still better than my wife's culinary prowess!
Sketch in Connecticut April 2, 2008
great cigars for the money and the tesoro plumpos are the best cigars in the world
jimmy in ny. February 15, 2008
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