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"More Than Adequate"
Fine humidor, but I find I need more humidification than the two basic devices provided. I also have a couple jars in there. I'm sure one small Oasis would do the trick.
Steve in Maine November 28, 2013
"Very Nice!"
This is a very good sized humidor. It will easily store 100 cigars. The sure seal closure keeps the humidity at consistent levels for properly aging your smokes, while allowing you to view them, as well as your hygrometer s reading. The hygrometer that s included is appealing in looks, but leaves something to be desired in accuracy. Mine is off by about 5% even when calibrated, so, I use a digital Xikar unit as well. Overall, this humidor is a thing of beauty, and gets the job done incredibly, especially if you use humidity beads, of which I favor those of the 70% relative humidity variety. A solid purchase for sure, worth ever penny, especially is obtained through cigarbid.com.
JJL in Denver, Colorado November 2, 2013
"Not bad"
I purchased this humidor years ago from Famous and I thought I better give you my review! Pros: The glass viewing top is great so you aren't tempted to be opening the lid all the time to take a look at your beauties. It takes pressure to close and creates a nice seal to lock in humidity and aroma to keep your favorite sticks fresh. It's also fairly large, I've never tried to fit 100 cigars in there but I've had more around 50 fit comfortably. Cons: After all these years the hinges are getting warn out and have become loose. It can also be difficult to open without a handle on the front of the base. The 7" height is misleading as it is just under 3" high at each corner interior dimensions. The reason is that it has a thick base that is level on the bottom. The base that the interior sits on is about 3" high in the back and .75" high in the front. Overall I'd give it a B+ rating. I've had it 5+ years.
Frank in KS March 23, 2013