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The Capri Elegant Glass Top Reviews [view details]

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"Nice for the price"
Bought this humi a few weeks ago. From some of the other reviews I had read I was skeptical of the quality. It arrived well packaged and looks wonderful on my bar. Followed the directions for seasoning (with a few modifications, I'm a fan of wiping the interior with a damp, not wet, cloth). Humidity holding steady at 70% and my collection looks great.
Justin in Florida October 26, 2012
"Nice, but trouble keeping humidity level up"
The price is right and it looks great. The only thing I am having trouble with is keeping the humidity level up. I followed the instructions for seasoning but I still can't keep the humidity up. Where is a good spot to place the humidifier? Should I use distilled water in the humidifier or some kind of solution? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Mike in Ambridge Pa August 5, 2012
"Good Starter Humidor"
I purchased this humidor as my first, starter humidor. It came with instructions on seasoning the humidor, calibrating the hygrometer, etc. It's working wonderfully and keeping my cigars fresh! I am very happy and I would definitely purchase this humidor again if I had to do it over.
Kendal in Delaware, OH August 15, 2011