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The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"This thing is great"
This is a really nice humidor for the money. Very nice and tight. It does a great job
Ronnie Clack in Texas April 15, 2013
"Very nice Humidor"
I purchased this humidor after facing the fact that I needed to get a larger one.It took almost a week to slowly season it to a good level.replaced the stock hygro for a digital xikar hygro and using Dr.RH gel jars for humidification.readings are 70% rh/69*f.this thing is working beautifully.You will not be disappointed with this baby.I strongly suggest that You do upgrade the hygro and humidification than the stock items.not that the stock items won't work,but You will get a more reliable system working for You.
Paul in Upstate NY January 13, 2013
"Pretty Decent Humidor"
This is a pretty decent and well constructed humidor but the only drawback is it has a super thin bottom. The walls and lid of the humidor are nice thick cedar but the bottom has the same thickness as the tray.
Kevin in Vancouver, BC June 21, 2011
"Very good humidor"
I too bought this because it looked nice, but I am very happy with it. It's well made, looks great, and really holds in the humidity. Interestingly enough, the sticky foam tape to hold the humidifiers was also dried out on mine. Overall, a great buy.
ksp in indiana January 16, 2011
"Great Humidor"
Yeah, I bought it because I like the leaf on the lid, but it turned out to be a great humidor in every aspect. The construction is sound, it really locks in the moisture, and the top try is a nice feature too. You'll know by the aroma they didn't skimp on the cedar the first time you open it. One complaint: the stickers for the hygrometer and humidifier were dried up and useless. Otherwise, a good solid product that I'm looking forward to having for a long time.
Michael in Fallston, MD September 10, 2010