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The Grand Habano Collection Reviews [view details]

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I chose this pack instead of the $15 discount on my order - I chose wrong. These are horrible and smoking them is less fun than holding my head in the toilet to throw up.
Joe from Ottawa in Ottawa Canada February 13, 2014
"Overall good smokes"
All cigars had good taste besides the GH2 which I was not a fan of. Overall good bundle
in Cumberland Maryland April 3, 2013
"Great Collection!"
If you like GH, this sampler will be a great addition to your humidor!
Matt in Saugerties, NY March 30, 2013
"Not a fan"
These cigars have a barnyard smell and the draw is tight and the tase isn't great.
Kevin in Florida February 12, 2013
"Not Bad"
I received this sampler with a coupon. The cigars were nice to smoke but I agree with one reveiw the GH2 was the least enjoyable of the group. Not a bad collection for under $3 a stick.
J B in Afghanistan January 21, 2013
"Great Value"
4 of 6 in this sampler are certainly worth more than the price suggests. The Corojo is a gem in it's category. The Triple and the #3 turn amazingly complex and tasty with age. The CT #1 is a creamy, bright smoke, albeit not toping any lists. The other two are ones you can give to people whom you know don't know a good smoke from a Phillies Blunt. Recommended.
Lenni in New York October 17, 2012
Save your money and go buy three $10 "good" cigars with which you will enjoy. The Gran Habano Imperial had to be put out and I want even smoke the other. You couldn't draw smoke from the one I tried. The GH2 is pitiful. Taste like you rolled the paper you put out for the dog to use. Don't wast your money. And yes, you might get a couple good smoke out this sampler but not worth the money nor time waiting for it.
Kenny in Navarre, FL July 27, 2012
I will say that Im really enjoying they different array array of smokes in this sampler over the RP AP.. It has a vast array of different flavors and all smokes are not full bodied to do it....
DonB in VA March 18, 2012
"Great Sampler!!"
This is a great sampler for the price. A nice assortment of great cigars. Kudos to Famous Smoke!!!
Kip in Ohio March 12, 2012
I have nothing to say but don't be a snob and buy this collection.If you the flavor of classic Honduran cigars like they were 20 years ago then Gran Habano will provide. Even the Imperials and GH2's are good.
Jason H in Omaha March 5, 2012
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