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"Good Smoke"
When took off the band the wrapper peeled a little but was still okay to smoke. Burned well and was a good smoke. Used a notcher and after smoking a little the cap started to come off a little but did not cause any major problem. left a little after taste. received as a free promo. Will likely get another five free with the promo offer.
David Culp in Niles, MI November 13, 2014
"Reminds me of a Padron"
I received a a sample wwith one of my orders and was very surprised. Great construction and draw. Started off with some mild to medium pepper and then transitioned into espresso, dark chocolate and leather. Stayed that way till the final third where I had strong roasted nuts and a touch of sweetness. Reminded me of a Padron with less pepper in the first third. I couldn t put it down.Get some!
F. Santos in Baltimore, MD October 19, 2014
This is one of my favorite cigars. I love a leather taste. This one is packed with a leathery flavor.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 8, 2014
"Origin Of Phrase: Smoking A Turd"
If you like the flavor of toast burned to a crisp along with a splash of dog feces, you'll love this jewel. Not for cigar smokers who care about taste.
Kozmo in Miami, FL September 29, 2014
Now my #1 smoke. This is now the cigar I judge others by. No pun intended.
Robert in Stroudsburg Pa April 16, 2014
"Definitely an EVERYDAY SMOKE"
Bought these when they first came out and loved them instantly! Need a year supply!
Nick in Chicago February 28, 2014
"Everyday Smoke!"
WOW! Bought at least 40 of these babies so far and they are fantastic every time! Easily an everyday smoke.
Nick P in Chicago February 22, 2014
"GREAT COMPLIMENT to the RP15 in the wingman"
great cigar almost on par with the Rocky Pateel 15th anni. in the wingman. go burn draw and no bite wonderful flavors. very close to the rocky.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013
"Absolutely Amazing"
It truly is amazing that even though Ive never tried The Judge , I find my review of the discontinued Capoeria listed under The Judge .
Phil in NJ in New Jersey October 21, 2013
"well worth the money!"
Awesome for the money. I want to say that they're awful, so you leave more for me. Smoked one right off the truck and was surprised that my impatience was rewarded. Notes of rich tobacco and leather predominate, with accents of coffee, black walnut, and fleeting hints of anise. Ash held kn for a full two-thirds before falling. Will definitely be buying more.
john in colorado March 29, 2013
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10 Taste (84) 100
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10 Construction (86) 100
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