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The Judge By J Fuego Retribution Reviews [view details]

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I had an empty box from Capoeira that I used to store cheap cigars that didnt fit in my humidor. I guess that always made me subconsciously think these cigars are cheap and garbage. I won a 5 pack on the auction because I figured i would give them a try. This cigar surprised me. Great full flavor without knocking me out. I highly suggest picking up a 5 pack to try. The only problem I had with this cigar is it struggled staying lit towards the end (by the end i mean the nub...) so that really was not a big problem. I gave 2 away and Im letting the final two I have sit in the humidor for a while. In the mean time, I will definitely try and get more.
Jon in NJ November 21, 2011
Nice full-flavored beauty tastes as good as it looks. Brazilian wrapper tops off this 5-nation blend with just the right balance of punch and smooth. J. Fuego Delirium is one of my favorites, but I think he has made it even better with this one at half the price. This is a humidor staple for me now.
Dave in Denver, CO June 27, 2011
"Great smoke"
90 in my book. I recommend it, would purchase again. and am smoking one as I key this in. All the marketing claims were spot on.
Dennis in Hawaii May 24, 2011
"My New Favorite"
Just smoked one of these and have to say this sucker is very good and just bought a box off the auction site. This won't be the last box I buy either and have to say I am impressed with this cigar.
Cigary in Dallas, Ga July 29, 2010
"Classic Brazilian-Nicaraguan"
The first thing I noticed about this cigar when I picked it up was how densely it was packed with tobacco. While the draw wasn't perfect, it wasn't really a problem at all either. The taste starts out similar to the CAO Brazilia and from the middle to the end of the smoke it's very similar to the 601 Blue. If you like the 601 Blue I'd highly recommend giving this a try, as it has a lot of those great chocolate, coffee notes. The ash is snow white, as is to be expected with Brazilian wrappers. I was highly impressed by this cigar, especially considering the price. Try to get it off the auction lot for a great deal.
striker23 in Charleston, SC July 24, 2010
Nabbed a box of Graduados and a sampler of Formado Retas at cigarauctioneer. Usually let cigars rest from the journey ? 2,364 miles from Famous world headquarters to us tree frogs in the woods above Henderson Bay. I got impatient. Story of my life. In a moment of weakness, fired up a Graduado on the upper deck after coming home with a crimson sunburn from the Yankees-Mariners game. What a surprise ? this cigar was lush with choco coffee flavors. Delighted by the sweet but polished taste. You could taste cigar tobacco. Plumes of smoke ? a grand draw. Wonderfully smooth. Totally forgot about the sunburn. Got 3 complaints. The cap unraveled, but not too bad. Cigar burned a bit fast. And I should have bought more!
Ripper in Gig Harbor WA July 12, 2010
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