The Judge By J Fuego Test Flight Cigar Sampler

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10 cigars star in this affordable, full-flavored selection created by Jesus Fuego. Rolled in zesty Brazilian Mata Fina wrappers that cap a 4-nation longfiller blend, each cigar offers a complex kick with a smooth, non-overpowering bouquet. Book this first-class Flight now!
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"This is a solid 89 rated cigar "
I feels right in your hand the construction and sweet barnyard cold smell.
Bert in United States
"Excellent Cigar "
Excellent construction, slow burning with a medium to full body. A very compacte... more
Bert in United States
"6 out of 8 "
nice peppery taste , burn, construction and look were 90. wierd thing the torped... more
Dennis in Hawaii
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