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The Logic Cuban E-Cigar Reviews [view details]

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"Worst E-Cigar Ever"
I saw these at a convenience store and thought I would try it out. They were on sale for $9.99, so I wasn't expecting much. It looks like an actual cigar. Logic is an excellent brand, so I'm assuming it was well constructed. I did not have it long, however, as it tasted like wood. And not a nice woody taste, either. More plywood smells. I would definitely recommend to anyone who asks to stay well away from this e-cigar. Terrible.
A in U.S. July 11, 2014
"1 of every 6 don t work"
I order 6 at a time and in the past 5 shipments 1 is always DOA. They told me to ship back and the incontinence of shipping isn t worth it and they just say no refunds without shipping. I love the product when it works .please start some quality control or make it easier than me shipping back
John L in New York May 26, 2014
"Worthless to me"
I received the Logic Cuban E-Cigar with my normal order, and I noticed some dark discoloration that I assumed was just part of the wrapper print. Turned out the e-cigar was leaking. The stain spread, and I assume that it was the nicotine leaking. It s probably terribly unsafe to be handling nicotine. It wasn t much of a problem, as the e-cigar tasted more like pipe tobacco than any cigar I ever smoked. I won t be reordering.
Mike in San Antonio April 10, 2014
"Not bad but there s a better choice"
I tried the Cuban by Logic... my first e-cigar. If found that it worked as advertised. However, the end you put in your mouth it hard and with the weight of it, does not feel realistic. I then tried the E puffer D-1800 and found the mouth end supple and much closer to the real thing. The E puffer also seemed to last a little longer... though I didn't actually count the puffs. Both cost about the same.
Fosco Picchi in Las Vegas Nevada February 19, 2014
"Darn close to the real thing"
No ash, tar or odor on your clothes. Smoke them in doors or out.
Tony Gambardella in Naples Fl January 3, 2014
"A Worthwhile Experiment"
I was looking for a new experience. The Cuban E-Cigar did what it was advertised to do. With some minor improvements I would probably become a regular customer. Cigar is a little bit too heavy, the mouth end is a little too hard, and it needs to last a little longer or cost a little less . I will eagerly watch for expanding choices. Overall the vaping experience was pleasant and this product is a good start.
Fosco in Las Vegas November 21, 2013
"The Logic Cuban E-Cigar"
Simply the best. Great taste.
Stacy in Springfield MO October 20, 2013
"Just like any other e-cig"
I really wanted to like this, but it's really no different than the $5 e-cigarettes you can buy at most gas-stations off I-80 or I-40. The only difference is that it's bigger. The label on the stick says it has up to 1,500 puffs. I got more of a nicotine kick from a handful of puffs off a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro than from puffing this for 30 minutes.
Stefan in City by the Bay October 17, 2013
"Love It"
Have done the e-cig thing for a while. Blu disposable and kit, V2 kits, Swisher kits. I love cigars, and giving up smokes I thought cigars would be my relapse trigger --- and then ---- I found this. Fantastic! Great taste, great smell, great experience. A+
Jon in Olyphant PA May 29, 2013
Just received My order of cigars. In it I had one of these "Cuban E-Cigars by Logic. Tried it as soon as I opened my box. WOW! It was so good, I just ordered 7 more. Really looking forward to enjoying this E-Cigar. Oh, it has a great taste, a lot of "smoke", and smells good. this is my first revue of any cigar.
Richard in United States May 8, 2013