The Logic Cuban E-Cigar

Smokes Like 7 Cigars

$16.99 Retail Price: $ 20.00
Smokes Like 7 Cigars
The Logic Cuban E-Cigar is the perfect replacement for traditional cigars with a 1.8% nicotine content. Smoke anywhere you want while getting the rich, sweet tobacco taste you love with no ash, tar, or odor that can offend, and up to 1,500 puffs of pure enjoyment. Make the switch today with Logic!
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"Worthless to me "
I received the Logic Cuban E-Cigar with my normal order, and I noticed some dark ...  more
Mike in San Antonio
"Not bad but there s a better choice "
I tried the Cuban by Logic... my first e-cigar. If found that it worked as adve ...  more
Fosco Picchi in Las Vegas Nevada
"Darn close to the real thing "
No ash, tar or odor on your clothes. Smoke them in doors or out.
Tony Gambardella in Naples Fl
"A Worthwhile Experiment "
I was looking for a new experience. The Cuban E-Cigar did what it was advertise ...  more
Fosco in Las Vegas
"The Logic Cuban E-Cigar "
Simply the best. Great taste.
Stacy in Springfield MO
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