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The Maroma Collection Reviews [view details]

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"A great cigar for the money!"
I received the Maroma sampler last week. I found it to be a very good cigar. Has an excellent flavor. I will be ordering another box soon.
Jim in October 17, 2012
You get what you pay for. I wasn't expecting a Padron Anniversary contender but I also wasn't expecting what I received. Inconsistent manufacturing to the extreme. Super soft spots followed by rock hard spots. Inconsistent draw. And stems so big and long that I couldn't knock the ash off one stick! This I admit would have been amusing at someone else expense. Some sticks had sharp points on the body where hard stems were sideways and pushing through the wrapper. HOWEVER! The 4 Dulce were perfect. No stems, no soft/hard spots, burned decent, tasted great. I wouldn't mind having a Dulce box for a cheap everyday smoke but I wouldn't risk it. If even just five were bad I would have a box of cheap expensive smokes.
Nick in September 11, 2011
I got this pack a few weeks ago and so far every cigar has been a good smoke. They draw nice and slow and don't burn too hot and taste great. It was a good buy for the sale price and I will re-order them at the full price next time. Great cigars.
KM in South Jersey August 2, 2011
"Great Smoke at Great Price"
I've now had two of the four in the Maroma Collection and have been extremely pleased. I honestly can't express my cigars in terms of tasts like "aged bongo-bongo nut from the southern most peninsula of the canary islands" or "john wayne saddle leather finishing in daunting licorise with smoky hints of guilt and remorse" or whatnot. I can say that I smoke a lot of cigars both high and low end. These Maromas all smoke evenly like Greycliff, are tasty like RP's and are priced like Swishers. In my opinion one of the few truly cheap cigars you'll hate giving away to friends or wasting as purely yard gars....although they do make mowing A LOT more enjoyable. Give 'em a try, for the price you'll be extremely glad you did.
J Coquat in San Antonio October 5, 2010
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