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The Nub Club '358' Reviews [view details]

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"A Little Bitter"
This was the first cigar I've smoked that started bitter and harsh then mellowed into a decent smoke. I was excited to try these, as they were rated very high in the reviews I read. I'd recommend these to an everyday smoker/or those who like a bolder cigar.
JB in Centreville, VA December 17, 2012
"Not For Me"
Short Summary : The Wrapper was great, strong and stayed intact. Strong peppery taste at first then went mild towards half mark(which was a good thing for this cigar). Cigar went out on me with 1/3 left. Would not buy again.
Mojarr0 in Baldwin Park, California January 25, 2012
"A Good cigar to start the day"
My favorite version would be the maduro or is it the Cain Nub or the Camaroon ? It's hard to say, Iv'e been smokin one of them almost everday with my wake-up coffee ( french pressed ) what a pair, I like the fatter 60 ring size best they burn about fifteen Mins. more than the smaller ones.
BufaloSpirit in Oneida Nation Wi. May 21, 2011
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