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The Nub Club '460' Reviews [view details]

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"Very Smooth, Well Constructed Smoke"
I purchased the Nub Club 460 to give the cigar a test run. I found the Connecticut Nub -- the mildest of the group -- to be the one I enjoyed the most. Though the others were a little stronger flavored than I like, each was consistent in burn and the taste from light to snub. One piece of advise... use a punch on these. Because of the thickness, a cutter is not an efficient tool.
Mike Finamore in Madison, Alabama October 9, 2010
"Nice Smokes"
I purchased the Nub Club Sampler and was happy with each of the three offerings included. All burned very well, construction was very good also. Burn time was about the same as a robusto, or toro depending on how aggressive you draw on your smoke. Overall very nice flavor start to finish.
Jason in Massachusetts June 6, 2009
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