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The Nub Club '464T' Reviews [view details]

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"Lovin the Nub's!"
I have been hearing a lot about the Nub's from Oliva, but, my go to tabacco place doesn't carry them. I found the site while surfing one day and what do you know they had a great 8 pack sampler for $25! They all look amazing. Flawless wrappers and construction. As of now, I have tried the CT, Habano and maduro. The CT has a very nice nutty flavor and the thick ring gauge really enchances the blend. Very flavorful for a CT. The Habano while very pretty with an amazing rosado like tone was my least my favoite. It was just as well made as the others, but, I feel the blend just didn't know what it wanted to be. It was like they couldn't decide if they wanted flavor or strength from the blend and as a result leaves the smoker confused. To me, a super large ring gauge like the Nub needs a consistent blend, so while tasty, had too much going on for my tastes. The maduro, however, is fabulous! What all mad's should be! A hearty and flavorful blend that smoked wonderfully. I didn't want it to end.
NYGus in Brooklyn, NY June 14, 2011
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