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The Nub Club 'Cameroon' Reviews [view details]

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"Better than average"
Just purchased the Nub Club on Auction. Have had these many times and these stubbies are a very good 45 minute smoke. The burn is consistent. My favorite out of the bunch is the 358. A good buy and better than average.
Franzie in Northeast January 25, 2015
"Most reviews are brutal....try these"
I typically don't buy retail...or even from Famous Smoke online....watch for these on the Cigar Auctioneer. I have won bids that average the price around $2.50 per cigar....say what you want but for that price I think these are pretty darn good. I lean towards Maduro but to have these in my humidor for outside...at the grill...tailgating at a football game - I think they're great!
acigaraday in Indiana July 9, 2012
"For what it's worth, I liked the cameroon."
Stopped in a local shop and tried a cameroon while waiting for the wife to finish shopping. I liked it.
TC in Florida February 13, 2012
"Can't believe we're all talking 'bout the same cig"
I'm a huge Cameroon fan and keep over a dozen different lines in my collection. I have to say the the Nub Cameroon is one of my favorites. For those of you that found them "harsh" or "burning hot," slow your roll... When smoked at a leisurely pace, these are great smokes. They have a different blend and taste than Fuentes, so a cross comparison really isn't fair. - Mk
PadillaGuy in US November 11, 2011
OK, I fell for it. You got me. I was a sucker. What a terrible cigar!!! After nearly gagging on the first 2 when I first purchased them last year, I aged the other 6 in my humidor for 10 months. Just lit one up last week and I think that they are actually worse after aging them. I have had a 2 dollar gas station cigar that was better than this. Now I still have 5 of the 8 pack sampler left which is just going to be used as humidor filler for now. Needless to say I will not be a member of this so called NUB CLUB. Avoid this OVER-HYPED dud at all costs!!!!
Scott Bradford in Mesa August 5, 2011
"Pretty much nothing more than a marketing gimmick"
I tend to agree wtih Bill. While these aren't the worst cigars I ever tasted, they are some of the worst tasting I've ever smoked that had enjoyed so much hype. I tried them, and now I'm finished with them. I'd much rather 'nub' a good "Fuente" or "Monte" ... and enjoy every second. Sorry NUB .... you just don't measure up.
Rick in Missouri March 27, 2011
"Bill should try the Connecticut's"
the Cameroons don't stand up to the Connie's.....
rick in jersey December 31, 2010
I read the hype on the nub cigars and couldn't wait to try them. Because I am a fan of cameroon, I bought a box of the nub 464T (Torpedos) Cameroon. I am 56 years of age and have been smoking cigars since I was 23 years of age. I have never smoked anything as nasty tasting as this cigar. They smoke HOT and have a very, very harsh bitter taste. Maybe they'll taste better after several months in my humidor. For now, I am writing this cigar off as just another gimmick to sell cigars. If they improve with time, I'll be back to write a different review.
Bill in Oklahoma November 25, 2010
I recently got a sampler of the nubs, and gave my friend to try the cameroon nub 460. Wow, he was blown away , the taste the smell, and how long it lasts. Lasts roughly an hour, pending how hard you smoke it. Def a wonderful cigar,and I love how compact it is
stavros in naperville IL July 2, 2010
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