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The Padron Maduro Sampler No. 88 Reviews [view details]

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"1st time buyer"
1st time buying from this site and woo. The cigars were fresh and had a wonderful flavor. They burn nice and slow very easy to smoke. I will buy these again.
Soldier in Fort Benning, GA February 4, 2013
"Father's Day gift"
What a fantastic Father's Day gift. My youngest son gave this sampler to me and have enjoyed them very much.
Jack Daye in Alabama July 8, 2011
"I'm a Padron fan now!"
I have only smoked two so far from this sampler, and i am a fan! truly the best cigar I have ever smoked! From begining to end it was flawless! pefect draw, perfect burn, perfect smoke! i can't believe there were complaints about this! so far I am not disapointed.. the next box I buy will be a padron!
Mike in Michigan June 15, 2011
I too have smoked these cigars and they did not please me at all. I have smoked better cigars for a cheaper price.
lorenzo in el paso August 10, 2009
I was excited about this brand after reading other reviews; however I was very disappointed. The cigars were not well made. The wrappers were rough and nobby and two of the cigars were breaking apart at the ends. They smoked ok but I do not see what the hype is. Olivas and san cristabals are better made and IMO smoke and taste better then the aniversaro and blow the other cigars out of the water. Will not be spending my money on any more of this brand
Jlo in Indonesia May 26, 2009
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